Going digital.

Day Two of this project of mine and I have to come right out and say it: I FAILED. Uh huh, totally failed to write that master plan I promised you all yesterday. Shame on me BUT failure does not = Quitting. I did not give up on the idea of a master plan. Oh no, not me, ‘cause that would mean I flaked out after 1 day… 24 hours. Are you kidding me? I’m stronger than that. Anyways, this failure has much more to do with “stoopid” than giving in. You see, some months ago I wrote a short plan. A first draft if you will.  So, when it came to writing the plan for you all today I naturally wanted to refer back to this list of ideas. Here’s where the dumb shows up: you see *I* thought I had saved this article somewhere online and thus spent the day sulking that i couldn’t get to it because my net service was down…when actually it was on my desktop the whole time! D’oh! Yeah, I feel silly. Yup, I should have checked. Point taken.

Which leads me to another thing:  today I/we changed our ISP. Uh huh, we decided to do something. Made a choice and set it up all in one day.  To be honest, our provider has been a pain in the proverbial ass for a while. Service sucks and the router they supplied us with randomly stops broadcasting wireless signal for whole days. This is not acceptable in a house shared by two HEAVY internet users, one of whom is in the final few months of a software degree (I wish I could say that was me, but no.) Anyway, you know what? If I am not allowing myself to give up randomly anymore, I will damn well expect the same from my router, thank you very much! 😛  So,  new provider it is – which has me real excited! because……. DIGITAL TV is coming to my home! *dances* We’re finally moving on from the dark ages of 4 channel (5 on a good day) terrestrial TV service. It’s the dawning of a new age! Let there be light! 100 channels and countless reasons to actually watch my TV.

My day was spent curled up reading, successfully avoiding the temptations of  junk food… and trying to convince myself I like porridge without much luck. 

Why, you ask?

Wait for the plan I tells ya… and all will become clear…

Ali xX

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