Insipire me …

My blog made someone cry!!  Sounds bad I grant you and the fact that this person was at work makes it seem just a little bit worse.

I showed my best friend this “blog”. I wanted to find out if it sounded like, well, me. We’ve been friends since high school and trust me she knows all yes EVERYTHING about me annnnd I’m 100 % sure she’d never tell!  

She cried! Something about sounding like the fearless girl she grew up with who had got lost (see I’m not making this up).

She also said that she’s on this journey with me which I already knew and that I’m the first person that she knows who writes a blog (not sure this qualifies as a proper blog, but still that’s pretty cool). I could tell you what else we talked about, but then I’d have to kill you if she doesn’t get to me first for telling you about her tears! (Sorry.)

She cried because she luvs me. I love you too Caty.  You are always an inspiration.

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