Pain free grilling.

I have two words for you: PAIN FREE!  I have no pain today… none.  Admittedly I feel a little shaky. Still, I’m tired and I felt like I was over heating most of the day, but I did not HURT! This is amazing. It’s like day 2 and I’m a functioning like a normal human being. Wooohoooooo!  And the PMS still hasn’t caught up with me I’m so calm its almost creepy. I keep waiting for it to show up unexpected and offend, but really even my inability to get someone at the job center to ANSWER THE PHONE in the past three days didn’t provoke my hormonal rage. So far still no success at getting an appointment there, though. no progress on the job front :S

You’ll be glad to know I ate my oats this morning. In fact, I had three normal – dare I say it – healthy meals. Whilst I was swallowing the various supplements that I take with my main meal, it suddenly dawned on me I have taken NO pain killers over the past two days.  This is completely unheard of. I say it again – YAAAY!! (Long may things continue this way).

Let me tell you about my shopping.  Yes, I was OUT all day today shopping. I’m feeling smug and very proud of myself for resisting the urge to buy yet another pair of heels. Instead I made it home having only purchased things that are somehow part of my plan. I treated my left knee to a good quality wrap-around knee support thus removing one of my many excuses for not doing the “E” thing. I also bought myself a quality set of baking tins so that when I *DO* start excersising I can then undo some of my good work making all things yummy! Hay – cooking more was part of the plan too! 

 There was a meeting. Memos were exchanged, pro’s and cons discussed.  Jon and I decided to invest in the lean mean grilling machine that’s known as a George Foreman Grill and Griddle to the rest of the world. It’s been part of our household less than a day and I think I’m falling in love! The whole idea is to get me into the kitchen. Should also be a bit healthier too having the fatty drippings drip off.  We both agreed there’s only one thing that would be appropriate to break in a new grill – STEAK! I’m so happy to finally be able to get a great tasting piece of medium rare meat at home with – lets face it – very little effort on my part (I don’t order steak out in the UK because I never get it cooked how I like and its always so disappointing ).  Thank you George!

I’ve decided to look for a good food/diet magazine I can subscribe to. I’ll use the cash I’ll be saving NOT buying MAOAMS (I’ve been clean now for 7 whole days!) not really sure which mag yet, so I’m shopping around for ideas.

On the healthy eating front: it’s time for another little exchange. Seen as I’ve now mastered eating breakfast, small changes should hopefully lead me to succeed. For this second exchange I’m giving up fizzy drinks. Uh huh, you heard me right.  No more Coke, Pepsi , Sprite or the like for me  (in fairness, actually, I’m just giving up having them in the house – out at the pub is allowed for now. better that than drinking straight shots. Trust me, Ali doing shots only ever ends UGLY). Originally I had planed just to switch my pop choices to the diet equivalent but recently I’ve read that the aspartame in these artificially sweetened drinks can interfere with the receptors for certain hormones connected to PCOS so there would be little benefit in switching to diet. Sadly for people with insulin resistance apparently it’s when the sweet taste hits your tongue it makes your body think that you’re consuming sugar and therefore insulin is produced, but there is no sugar to be processed.  The advice I read was if you must have artificially sweetened drinks, drink them with food because then the insulin that is produced will have something to work with. Makes sense to me, so I’m going to try and kick this habit too – replacing these drinks with water as much as possible (I find water really hard to drink. I’m looking for simple ways to give it just a hint of flavor to make it easier on me to begin with) I’ve also started drinking a small glass of cranberry juice each day because seemingly it’s full of Vitamin C, and antioxidants. It tastes great too!  I can already see the change to water is going to be a personal battle, but I am determined to make it. In the end, it will be so good for me.  

Lastly, I want to share a piece of possible glimmer of hope with you.  My friend Caty E-mailed me a link to this article in the New Scientist.  Here’s a quote:

As women with polycystic ovarian syndrome get older, the chance of getting pregnant may be higher. There may be an explanation for this. As women age, fewer follicles are produced each month, and in most this reduces fertility. With PCOS, however, fewer follicles may have the opposite effect: it may stop the hormonal interference and cause follicles to release eggs normally.

The hypothesis is backed up by other studies that have shown that the menstrual cycles of women with PCOS tend to become more regular as they age (Human Reproduction, vol 15, p 24). Marcelle Cedars, a reproductive endocrinologist at the University of California, San Francisco, points out that it also chimes with a recent finding that hormone treatments can coax immature follicles to produce eggs.

“They might hit their reproductive peak a little bit later than other women,” says Richard Legro, a gynecologist at Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center in Hershey, Pennsylvania. “When we see more data to that effect we’ll revise what we tell them.”
Now, Caty summed this up best: “I know it’s only the findings from a couple of studies, and the doctors aren’t yet going to be changing their advice to people with PCOS on the back of it – but you never know. Might be a piece of good news.”

I’m not gonna be pinning my hopes on it or anything, but its nice to know that there are people looking into this! I hope they keep up the good work – which in reality means I hope they continue to get the funding to keep up the good work 😛 

Ali xX

K.S.: Got train tickets, will travel! Scotland here I come.

One thought on “Pain free grilling.

  1. Hi Ali,

    Congratulations on your terrific progress. I am so pleased that things are going well.

    I have a suggestion for making it easier to drink water. I always put a little fresh lemon juice in mine, and it tastes great and is very refreshing. I also recently had someone tell me that drinking it that way causes the water to be alkaline in your body (instead of acidic) which is very healthy. I know, it seems like it would be the opposite, since lemon juice is acidic, but she said it changes to alkaline once it’s inside your body. All I know is that I’ve been doing it for a long time now, and it seems to work well for me.

    Keep up the great work!


    Coach Maura

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