Back to the grind…

Yes, yes, I know. Technically, I actually came back from my weekend yesterday, but it was late and really I couldn’t wrap my head around writing a post because my brain numb from the boredom of sitting on a train for hours. Excuse me for pulling a sickie and not reporting in yesterday like I said I would.

My weekend was great! I had a wonderful time. I didn’t panic (not even in the noisy excitement and crowd at my first EVER football game) and if I told you everything that I got up to, well I’d be here for ages and would certainly get myself and possibly others in trouble. So let’s not do that. We’ll concentrate on the important stuff ok?

First, my diet went to hell.  It was a sinful couple of days. Of all the things I’m not meant to eat, washed down with far too much drink, be it alcoholic or of the fizzy sugar variety and it was gooood. Now that it’s over, I’m getting right back on track. Promise.  In my defense, it’s hard to stick to the diet I prescribed myself while visiting a friend. Really didn’t want to be rude with the “I can’t eat this. I gave up that, etc.” I decided instead that as I was taking a short holiday, the diet could, too.

That aside, I have to declare my love for baseball here. Actually, it surprised me. I haven’t told you about it already. Baseball is MY sport. I love it.  Could watch it for hours and hours, EVEN pass up chocolate or, heaven forbid, shopping – just to watch a game. I was ecstatic that my mate introduced me to ESPN America. It was a baptism of fire. We spent most of the weekend watching games from the World Baseball Classic till all hours of the night… or should that be morning! Even better, I can get this channel at home, thanks to Virgin who helpfully came ‘round to install new internet and digital TV service while I was away. THIS MEANS… I CAN WATCH BASEBALL FROM MY COUCH. My quality of life just went up a grade or two, I tell ya! At this point, I gotta have a serious word with my team … hay Yankees! What’s with getting beat TWICE this weekend by the ATLANTA BRAVES?!? You do know that’s my friend’s team, right? Do you have any Idea the S**T I took from him? Now, its only spring training and I love you guys, so I forgive of course but there better be some revenge in June. Pleeeeeeeease.

I realized this weekend just how much I miss Scotland. It’s odd I haven’t lived up there in years and most of the time I don’t really think about it, but every time I cross that border (and the sky goes black and it starts raining hehe) I feel a little better. My country is truly stunning.  I so much prefer the stone architecture to Merseyside’s red brick. Edinburgh is fascinating to me. I always think of it as my parents city, seen as its where they met , where my dad went to Uni and probably the place he was happiest in his life (waaay before my time, but I maintain his decent into unhappiness had nothing to do with me showing up. It wasn’t me, or if it was, it was unintentional. Honest!) There’s room to breathe in Scotland. There are towns and cities actually SEPARATED by wide open SPACE, unlike the continuous sprawl of suburbs I currently live in – where one town and city seems to melt endlessly into each other and it becomes hard to tell where one ends and the next begins. Merseyside is enough to make me claustrophobic. I need elbow room. I was much more upset to be crossing the border coming back than I realized I would be. I guess if the USA is number one on the places that make me happy, Scotland is running a close second. it does have the advantage though in that I don’t need a long haul flight and a visa to get in there. Scotland is a realistic relocation possibility, whereas America for now is an impossible dream. Perhaps I need to move the goal posts??

Despite the bright sunshine and blue skies, I felt downcast this morning. not sure if it was some kind of pining for Scotland or that my break away wasn’t long enough. probably just the fact that I have a cold that’s causing me to make numerous involuntary attempts  to cough up my lungs right into the palm of my hands just so my body can show you just how gunked-up they are. either way, I didn’t feel like writing tonight but I knew that if I didn’t, I’d be taking a giant step down that road towards “give up.” I did not do that. I came, I wrote… but I’m going to finish this one up quickly…

Got a lot of time to read the Narrow Dog on the train… enjoying it very much so far.
Despite my *blech* mood, I did go out today and enjoy the fresh air and the sunshine. .in fact, I went to the garden center to help Jon with a project of his own to turn our dismal concrete postage stamp of a back yard into a place where he can actually grow something.  I put up a bird feeder as my little contribution – wishful thinking. I hear you say well yeah… but still.

Been doing a lot of thinking and reading recently about PCOS. Its been absolutely great to make connections with other women experiencing this. I no longer feel alone and THAT makes such a difference. I can feel a post on this subject coming on hehe

Here we go – back to the grind as they say… business as usual tomorrow

Ali xX

K.S. Blue skies and SUN … in MARCH 🙂

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