Are we feeling stressed yet ?!

 A week or so ago I discovered a great blog for women with PCOS called InCYST On the best. its a wonderful resource but today I want to draw attention to this post that just jumped out at me.

Basically it talks about all the reasons a person can suffer with stress.  You know: your hormones are out of whack, you’re jacked up on caffeine, and you haven’t slept. Any or all of these can lead to the inability to shut down and relax.  But it could also be that you have a mood disorder. hmm… well interesting…  the post gives this questionnaire explaining that there are no right or wrong answers but that the more you say yes the more you need to start thinking about stress management through changes in diet / activity / sleep control, and that if you see no change after making these adjustments you need to investigate the possibility that you suffer from a mood disorder.

Now… why am I telling you this… well to say that I stress a lot would perhaps be an understatement.  My body reacts violently to stress of any kind. I suffer from headaches and in bad cases I end up feeling sick or dizzy. Sometimes I don’t even know what it is that’s getting to me so much,  but almost always eventually I find something… some little grain of upset or frustration that I’ve bottled up somewhere and not told anyone about either because I’m scared to upset them or because I think its just me. So why would it matter… the trouble is that these things don’t go away.  They stay somewhere in my head and eat away at me and if the situation is allowed to continue. I’ll find that I’m not just feeling sick but I stop sleeping too and eventually I stop being able to eat, unable to keep anything down.

I know stress. I don’t cope well with it but I’m trying to learn to take a step back and breathe… to talk about things that bother me with the person concerned.  I’m trying to teach myself that these things do matter because they have an effect on me.

I’ve started trying to identify things I can do when I start feeling this way, to stop the situation spiraling out of control…  I now walk away and take a bath (yeah I could not live without my bubble bath). I’ve recently bought some soothing music to try and get me to sleep after I realized that I find it much easier to sleep if the room is not silent.

Perhaps I need to look into starting yoga or some other relaxation technique… not sure…

Let’s be up front about this. I already know I suffer from a mood disorder. I have depression – have since my teens, so I’m expecting a lot of yes answers but seen as the changes recommended in the post are part of my Master Plan already, I thought I’d record my answers here  then we can see how things change as I hopefully get a better grip on my life

Here goes:

Are You a High energy Thinker? (Copyright 2000,

1. I am easily flustered.

Whoo yes

2. I am easily drawn into a conflict.


3. I am very organized, and when my routine is disrupted, it can ruin my day.

Organized… lol no

4. I have a hard time with change, I would rather control things than let them take their natural course.

Change is hard yup

5. I can become so attached to a person, idea, or situation that I lose sight of the “big picture” perspective.

Mmhumm… I do this

6. Staying focused on a task is a challenge; I am easily distracted/bored.

Yes yes YES…next question.

7. I can become obsessed with an activity. I can lose track of time because I get so absorbed.

All the time

8. People tell me I overanalyze things.

Umm yeah… favorite phrases include: let it go, push it away, try not to think about it NOW, can you do anything about it?  No then stop worrying.

9. People tell me I am an adrenaline junkie.

Hehe I wouldn’t say people tell me… But I can be

10. I am a perfectionist.


11. I am very sensitive to criticism.

Sensitive is an understatement

12. I worry a lot.

Yep I even worry when I’m not worrying that I must be missing something

13. I procrastinate / can’t finish projects I start.

Uh huh, there’s always tomorrow .

14. I feel like I sabotage myself.

All the time

15. I have a way of saying or doing impulsive things that undermine relationships or which hurt my credibility.

Mmhumm sadly yes

16. I toss and turn a lot before falling asleep.

Yep that’s IF I fall asleep at all

17. I can do a lot of things at once; in fact, it’s easier than doing one thing at a time.

Oh yeah!

18. I feel driven by some sort of internal machine.

Can’t say that no

The verdict:  16/18… That’s bad… but on the positive side it’s not 18…. What’s your score?

Notes from today: I posted a few photos of my weekend onto Flickr if you’re feeling nosy and I may be going to the beach tomorrow! Hope the rain stays away 🙂

Ali xX

K.S: I finally wrote something for an about page…

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