Things to do ..places to go..

Excuse me while I take a day to pick myself up… yup I moped far too much today and only actually went out for my walk after much hesitation, but I did go. So I am making small progress. Sometimes there’s nothing for it but to stick on some up and at ‘em tunes, turn the music up too loud, sing & dance your heart out (hairbrush or shampoo bottle in hand or not as the case maybe) till you feel better. I knowwww some women actually do this… amazing! It’s exactly what I did tonight. Thank your lucky stars this is a no video blog. My singing alone would scare those with a nervous disposition or young children. This is especially true since artists on my playlist include Elton John, Queen, Sheryl Crow and Cher. Chick flick moment over. This woman is on her feet again and ready to kick some PCOS butt! Be afraid… be VERY afraid LOL

I failed to get in touch with the job center again today and quite frankly it’s getting ridiculous! I’ve been trying to make contact for a couple of weeks now. Either nobody answers the phone or when a human does answer they SAY are gonna call back… mmhumm riiight… still waiting. All I Want is a flipping appointment. I know the economy is in melt down. I know the chances of me getting anywhere after being off all this time are slim to none. Ok… I get that! But hay I’m trying here. Is it too much to ask that I could have an appointment and TALK to somebody FACE to face? I’m actually being proactive – it’s not like your chasing me, I’m contacting you. I truly want to work on this but I need HELP and I have to make sure I’m not gonna do anything that will have the mysterious result that my benefit gets cut off just as I’m making progress with getting back on my feet. ANSWER THE DAMN PHONE! Ok ok… yesterday was my fault…you did call back and I was asleep. I grant you that the end of your work day is a stupid time for me to be snoozing, but when sleep is a luxury and not a daily ritual you take it where you can get it. But but BUT in my defense I had Jon wake me up right after you called and I rang BACK. Must have just missed you – office closed. Here’s hoping we can connect SOOON. I’m one very frustrated claimant, customer, client (or whatever the current politically correct way you refer to me is)

I must must must get this doctor thing sorted. You have my permission to get on my back and NAG me repeatedly about this until it is done. Talking with a friend last night I realized just how many things I need to tell or ask someone and for that I need to register at the correct surgery! In the past I’ve disliked doctors. Not personally, it’s just I find it hard to question them or admit when I don’t always understand what they are telling me. I feel like I’m not being listened to and quite frankly they make me feel stupid. I think this is a throw back to when I was growing up. I’ve had a lot of contact with doctors and hospitals over the years and many of my issues I’ve had since such a young age that the medical profession talked to my parents and I sat in the corner playing with Lego’s or bandaging my dollies head. It’s weird how I don’t really recall a transition point where someone explained these things to me. I’m sure there must have been attempts at least but I think I need a do over. So I’ll look at moving to the new surgery as a fresh start and try not to be so guarded as I have been before. If I think positive perhaps this time I can have a good relationship with my GP. I’m thinking I’ll have to make several trips this may take longer than the 10 minute slots the NHS allocates for an appointment unless we both practice our speed talking or something.

My BIG project for the weekend is to try and get my house tidy… crashed past that point where I can’t ignore it anymore. On Wednesday when I realized the place is in such chaos that its making me snappy and irritated. There’s clutter everywhere I look and I can’t find ANYTHING. The good thing is the fact that I’m noticing the mess its getting to me means my frame of mind must be improving. Depressed me is oblivious to clutter. How do you think the place got into this state… there’s no way I can tackle the whole thing. That would take a miracle worker or a visit from Kim And Aggie from “How Clean Is Your House?”, but I want to see major inroads or I’ll be having words with myself.. Going to be posting some pictures of the place whatever its state come Monday, so I had better get my ass into gear!

So much to do… so much to do.

Ali xX

K.S.: Jon making wonderful curry for dinner.

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