Can I have a word ….about a nine year old child.

Before we begin, I know what I say here will probably offend some, but this is my blog and so what you get here is my opinion.  You are of course free to disagree with me. I’m open to convincing but I’m telling you in this case the chances are slim.

Abortion in the first place is of course a sensitive subject where each person must make their judgment according to their own conscience. I myself know that aborting a child is something I could never, would never do because it would haunt me forever and I would find imposable to live with myself.    I don’t agree with abortion being seen as just another form of contraception. The creation of life is wonderful miraculous thing and it should never be undertaken lightly in my book. Termination should be seen as the absolute last option and not as an easy escape or safety net.

However, I don’t think it’s my place to tell another woman what to do with her body, especially when there are health risks involved and the medical opinion is that for her to keep the child is effectively asking the mother to put her life on the line. In my opinion that’s NOT a choice anyone other than the lady concerned should make.

I firmly believe that abortion should be legal not because I’m an advocate of the procedure but simply because I think that anyone who believes that outlawing abortion somehow stops this procedure from taking place is kidding themselves. I’d rather see safe abortion properly  controlled than botched jobs in back street clinics . I believe the mental repercussions from making this life changing decision can not be underestimated and that that the women, even the families involved, should be supported after the fact. I also believe that women should receive guidance and education to look at all her options continuing with the pregnancy, adoption etc., and finally to try and ensure they don’t end up in the position of needing / wanting to terminate a pregnancy again.

As an infertile woman, I can’t say enough that carrying the baby to term and considering adoption would seem like a way to turn an unwanted pregnancy into a positive event.  There are so many couples out there waiting to give a loving home to a child and aching for the day their family will be complete.   If you could be the person to grant them that wish, with a selfless act then I have nothing but admiration for you and all I can say is thank you… thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

You’ll notice the phrase I am deliberately repeating here over and over. These are purely my opinions, based on my judgment and the 26 years of life experience I have had thus far.  So why am I even bringing this up?  After reading Lemonade Mama I had to see what got her head shaking, so I ended up over at Adrienne’s House,  and that’s how I came to read this article.

So let me get this straight… this kid is NINE… She was RAPED by her stepdad no less (already my heart’s crying for her )  she got PREGNANT  with TWINS (is your head spinning yet?) she had an ABORTION before she even went to high school  and as if that wasn’t enough for the poor kid  to deal with .. her church EXCOMUNICATED  not just her but the whole family and the doctors involved!  Effectively damming them to hell…  I say again SHE’S NINE!! I … I… I’m speechless. I just don’t get it… she killed an innocent??  For goodness sake, she is  innocent!  She’s a child, a baby… she’s not old enough to understand or cope with the toll pregnancy will take on her body.  She shouldn’t be expected to grow up that fast, much less have to carry this reminder of the ordeal she’s already been through for nine months… that’s if s her immature body could even carry twins for that long realistically the chances are the babies would be born early by c-section apparently as her hips couldn’t cope with labour…  chances of the two babies surviving?  Would she even survive?  Mentally would she recover?   I’m telling you I don’t like these odds.  Is it not enough that this girl knows and has felt things that nobody that young should be subject to… the thought of someone – anyone – touching her in this way makes me want to hurl… not just that I want to find the guy and string him up !  Why is nobody talking about HIM where is the churches outrage about what he did!?!  As far as I’m concerned he should take all the blame. He and ONLY he should be dammed to hell… after all he’s the one who made the choices here …. RIGHT?!?

Doctrine like this that’s blind to the circumstances, to the shades of gray in life,  really does nothing but alienate me from the catholic church… I can’t believe that God who loved humanity enough to sacrifice his own son would be so unforgiving as to condem a child when none of the choices were even her own. Isn’t this a case for living by the spirit not the letter of the law??

My heart just breaks for the family…

I promise not get offended if you disagree with me.  I’m always interested in others experience / opinions / debate ..

Ali xX

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