There’s a whole world out there.

I slept last night…. As a result, I feel so much more myself today. This alone is cause for celebration!

Things I achieved today:

Job center success! I actually spoke to my advisor today who passed my details onto a new job broker (a job broker, for anyone who doesn’t know, is someone whose job it is to support people who have been off long term sick as they try to get back to work). I like the new guy already because he called me within 30 minutes of being given my details and I now have an appointment with him on Friday to start the process of job hunting. YAY!  I have even managed to dig out the copy of my CV that was written back in December to take along to our first meeting.

Following this development, I was inspired today to look  for some voluntary work, something that I can do to get off my a$$ and out of the house, to start meeting people again. I want to start making a contribution in the meantime while I hunt for work. at least this way I’ll be giving something back,  seen as the state has basically supported me for the 2 years I’ve been incapacitated.  As I started to look round for some voluntary websites, my first port of call was a place that had been recommended to me by my BFF. In fact, I had to shoot her a quick IM to get the address.  It was when she found it for me that she discovered an age limit. The opportunities on this site are only open to those ages 18-25.  As my mate proclaimed, THATS PANTS! (Scottish for SOO WRONG!!) I object to being made to feel old at the age of 26… I refuse to think that I am past it or somehow not able to benefit from said voluntary experience… It’s PANTS people, just PANTS!

Anyhow moving on from that undeterred… I found the volunteer center network in Wirral.  It seems to be a great resource of ideas and they have an office not too far from me.  Wondering if I should drop in… Hmm … for now my explorations led me to this final site, where I have actually sent applications to three separate places looking for help. I don’t want to say too much before I know anything. Sort of not counting the chickens before the eggs have hatched, but please think good thoughts. Wish me luck .. I really need to get back out into the world!

As for the tidying thing… lets just say things are not going to plan… and drop it for now .. Ok? … Thanks!

Ali xX

K.S.: one word sleep …I loooove SLEEP… anything that makes me sleepy 🙂

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