Inspire me …

After all the talk of the space, the Space Shuttle, Space Station between me and Gadget Guy in the last few days AND being forced to watch more Star Trek than I ever have the rest of my life today by a man in my life – we shall call Kayak Man (reasons to be revealed to you later at some point I’m sure)…  I Just HAD to repost Gadget Guy’s latest link here.

Because, well… it’s a great song and very inspiring to those of us who really are trying to find the strength to make real change… It just so happens to be the theme from Star Trek: Enterprise – the only series Kayak Man has yet to watch.

Annnnnd … it’s a tiny bat… an oh so cute fuzz ball of a thing launched into space to become the world first BATstronaut.

How can you not love that ??  lol

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