Eating problems & Work ambitions.

Very little I can say… lots of ideas… possible plans or schemes taking shape in my head and I don’t want to say too much too soon.

My appointment with the new job broker went great… it did feel a bit like 20 Questions as he tired to get all the information he needed from me, but I’m pleased that he was being thorough and already he seems much more professional than the previous company. Not hard, seen as I was with the last one 3 months… I only actually had one appointment then they promptly forgot who I was,  I don’t mean that I didn’t get in contact either, I called and they actually told me they had no idea who I was or why I wanted an appointment with their advisor… hmmm time to switch companies? I think so!  I’m feeling pleased with myself for actually being organized enough to bring copies of my CV without being prompted with both the paper and the floppy disk versions (who uses floppy disks now anyway?  my machine doesn’t even have that drive anymore lol )

I already have a date for the next meeting: 2 weeks from now.  In the meantime, the broker will work on my CV and I have to start getting a feel for what might be out there in the job market, checking local papers /websites, etc. I actually spent most of the afternoon searching the web looking into some further training possibilities but it’s defiantly too early to talk about those in public! Cross your fingers for good things to come from this. I’m thinking positive.

No progress as yet on the list of questions for the doctor… that’s my task for tomorrow. I meant to get started this afternoon but I must have been in catching up on sleep mode. I laid down for a 20 minutes rest and woke up about three hours later. At least I’m sleeping.

This brings me to another issue I’m struggling with at the moment: I’m having real trouble eating 3 meals a day.  I just don’t get hungry. Food is just not appetizing to me and sometimes the sight of a portion makes me feel ill. I actually forget to eat. You would never think it from the size of me sadly. When I do remember I can only manage smaller portions before feeling full and from time to time I experience waves of nausea, have to fight to keep what I have eaten in my belly. So I have an eating problem… I don’t have an eating disorder. I’m perfectly aware that I’m overweight but this aversion to eating has nothing to do with wanting to lose pounds.  I’m committed to sorting my diet, yes, but losing weight by starving myself is not my plan. It doesn’t take long for this issue to become very frustrating.  It’s no good in terms of the plan either because naturally if I’m not getting proper nutrition / meals, it’s only a couple of days before I’m feeling weak, tired and unable to do anything – lacking motivation. I’ve had this issue on and off for a long time. I’d been getting my three meals for a couple of months now including the morning bowl of oats I started as part of this plan.  but the last three days things have gone downhill.  Wondering if its stress related… maybe I need some sort of alarm to remind me to go and eat something. I’m sure if I could just get into a routine things would improve.   

Ali xX

K.S.: progress on the work front? Perhaps studying again? I do believe I have new ambitions today.

One thought on “Eating problems & Work ambitions.

  1. Thanks for the comment on my blog today. I’m glad you liked my ABC intro! 🙂

    I’m glad you’ve got some ideas and schemes going on. I laughed at the word “schemes” and had an image of monty burns from the simpsons rubbing his hands together saying “excellent). I’ll definitely cross my fingers for something happening with the job broker.

    As for eatiing 3 meals a day – I’m having the same issue. I am losing weight because of it, but I know it’s not good weight loss, as my body is simply going into starvation mode and what will happen is as soon as I eat anything, my body won’t process it normally because it will try to keep as much as it can. Stupid metabolism!

    (ICLW returned comment)

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