Show and Tell


Me to You

This week I want to share a project with you. I’ve started working on this cute Me to You Bear cross stitch design. Sweet isn’t he?   The thing is, I’ve collected these bears for years. Now I have one for most of the important occasions in my life from my 21st, to my engagement through graduation… well, you get the idea…

But that’s not why this design is important to me. I started this little guy about three years ago. He was in progress when I was diagnosed with PCOS.  You see, I was fanatic stitcher.  I could spend hours really getting lost in it.  I even created my own design as a gift for my grandparents’ diamond wedding…

Well, that summer my life started to fall apart: I suffered from severe depression and on-going health struggles… I lost my job, moved house, and grew even further apart from family and friends… in fact as I’ve admitted before I really fell apart.  It was not pretty. I’m not proud of myself. I lost all interest in a lot of things and this project was among the stuff that got neglected.

So here I am almost three years since… with a new blog, a Master Plan to get my life back on track, working hard at taking a more positive attitude. 

Now I have this compulsive need to finish this design! Almost as if it’s become a symbol in my mind for all the pieces I’m trying to pick up and put back into place (weird I know). 

There’s not actually that much left to do – just a few hours detailed back stitching. I was actually intending to finish it this weekend, but it turns out I’m out of practice and working a lot slower than I anticipated. I am determined to get it done not gonna give up again!

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11 thoughts on “Show and Tell

  1. I wish I were that talented. It’s funny how simple little things can do so much for us in time of pain. Ater losing my 2nd tube to ectopic #2, I hit rock bottom and remember how hard I had to struggle to get my life back together. I’m so glad this therapy is working for you.


  2. Absolutely adorable!!! The nickname I have for my husband has always been “Bear” so anytime I see a cute bear, It always makes me smile! Keep up the great work and thanks for visiting my newbie blog!

  3. What an adorable pattern! I hope you are able to finish him this time. I love the symbolism of that, and I wish you the best of luck with your Master Plan!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂 ICLW

  4. I hope that this little Bear provides you the therapy that losing oneself in a craft can do. My mom was an avid cross-sticher…I have fond memories of her sitting by the fireplace stitching for hours and hours.

    Happy ICLW!

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