Headaches and stomach bugs oh my !

Uuuuuuuughh! … I have stuff to say … I actually did things today – outside things – but well, for some odd reason for the past two nights as soon as I get in bed my stomach starts doing flips.  Yesterday I was lying there actually feeling my whole body throbbing. Couple that with the fact that the wind was so bad last night our windows were crashing around actually making me paranoid. They were gonna blow right off their hinges (long story short we have old windows at the back of our place. old warped wooden framed windows that don’t fully close) so no sleep last night … or the night before now that I think about it.  I spent that night throwing up.

I’m better today except for a pulsing headache that’s been following me round like a lost puppy all flippin’ day (a very wild and angry puppy). I just can’t get rid of the SOB. My eyes are killing me and my brain has gone on strike refusing to string words together in a way that makes much sense let alone write a full post.  I’ll get back to you about those things I wanted to tell you as soon as normal service resumes.  Move along now. No need to listen to me pathetically moaning…

Ali xX

K.S.: I have pain killers and I’m not afraid to use them

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