Out in the rain.

Feeling soo much better today mainly thanks to a great night’s sleep… my only problem is I’m still really struggling with eating.

I said I had things to tell you yesterday so let’s start there. I had planned to go out yesterday and have some “me time” (for “have some me time” you should read “do some shopping”) but when it came down to it I was really exhausted and so I didn’t actually get organized till about three. This meant that I would have just got to the shops as they were about to close – a fairly pointless endeavor. Instead Kayak Man very generously offered to take me to the movies and even conceded that we could see one of “my” movies.  He did leave me slightly worried when given the choice between “Duplicity” and “Young Victoria”, he actually chose my third option: “Confessions of a Shopaholic”. Whoa… who are you and what did you do with my oh-so-very-macho-manly Kayak Man. you might think I’m being offensive here, but really I’m not. He would agree with me. He is a man who acts like a man, showing no interest at all in shopping… really none. Hmm when I think of it like that and then realize how much he still agrees to go shopping with me… awwww…  I don’t know what was going on with his film selection but anyhow off we went.

Hunger strikes on the journey!! This is fantastic news. I’ve really missed that feeling, the one that reminds you to eat something. I hadn’t been able to do it all day, not for lack of trying I might add.  I just look at food and it makes my stomach turn. When I’m in a phase like this I do not ignore hunger, so a deal was reached:  he got 2 tickets to see “Watchmen” and I got the best burger I’ve eaten in ages! I also found out that I totally can drink milk…and it’s yummy if you add crushed up Oreo cookies that is! (Hay don’t laugh at me… it was news to me. usually milk, even milkshakes, only lead to one thing and that’s activation of my gag reflex).  It was a mark of just how hungry I was that I finished the whole meal at least 5 minutes before the bloke opposite me (the guy who actually thinks being in an eating challenge would be FUN).  In his very words, I INHALED that burger. What’s more, I topped it off with waffle and ice cream for dessert… yes… yes I know i should be ashamed.  This meal was soooo bad for me – totally packed with all the things I shouldn’t be eating and I would feel suitably ashamed and embarrassed. honest I would except I hadn’t had a full meal in a couple of  days, so if I’ve got to be naughty to convince my body it WANTS to eat, naughty is what I will be!  It was gooooood  😀

Much better than “Watchmen”. Ok don’t get me wrong. It’s not that the film was bad. It was fun, entertaining, had some good fighting some sexy great costumes, lots of interesting special effects… But I just can’t rave about it the way many of the men in my life do. I found a lot of the scene’s just awkward  as comic book stories go there are better I believe (I’m going purely off the movies. it has to be said I never have read comic’s ) and overall the film just somehow felt… too long!  I’m sure this opinion might make me somewhat unpopular and, in fairness, my judgment could be jaded by the fact that I came out of the theatre with the most awful headache as I mentioned last night.

I found it so hard to get out of bed today … it was just too blinking comfy in there. I love mornings like this when I wake up feeling rested and peaceful, no worrying about anything. Wonderful! But I did get up. Oh yes! I went to the beach today. I absolutely love water. I could stand and watch it for ages in all weather, so despite the cold, the wind and dark skies that delivered a considerable amount of rain, I had the best time just walking, taking pictures…  letting the fresh air blow the cobwebs away – lol … listening to the sound of the waves and watching the occasional ferry go by. Ok, Ok, giggling at Kayak Man splashing around in the rock pools with his full length waders on. That was fun too I can’t deny. The only downside: sheeks this place is seasonal. It’s so sad to see the cafes and ice cream shops with there shutters down, the rides silent and motionless.  It just adds to the bleak feeling created marvelously by the British Weather. The place felt a little… lifeless, but then most people are smart enough to stay indoors when the wind is helpfully blowing the rain in your face.

I’ve added the pictures I took today to my Flickr if you’re interested 😛

Hmmm what else… oh yes got my vitamins all stocked up today, reconnected with a very good friend. Must not forget to call the doctor tomorrow morning!

Ali xX

K.S. I love being out in the rain… when its properly raining not the measly half hearted stuff… the real nosy forceful showers!

Kayak man in his waders

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