Today … I suck

See the very last line of my post yesterday “I must remember to call the doctor tomorrow morning”… uh huh FAILED.  I slept right through the 8am till 10 AM window for making appointments. The one morning I have something I NEED to do, that’s when I sleep. Sods *censored* law… I’m upset with myself. Usually I’d blame it on my ridiculously disorganized way but not this time. I was organized. I actually set an alarm. Yep it went off at 8, RIGHT BESIDE my face and still it did not wake me. Tomorrow = calling the doctor take 2. Uuuugh.

Finally I decided I would just go out. I had planned a trip to another beach by me so I could take photos just as I did yesterday. Sadly on the way I had one of those really sucky totally pants moments where you go to a cash point to obtain train fare and realize you really don’t have as much money in the old bank that you thought you had. PANTS. I turned tail and came home and spent a large portion of the day curled up with my book because I’m lagging behind and in danger of not finishing this book of the state side adventures of the narrow dog before the end of the month.

I don’t know if it’s this book or the number of narrow boat programs I’ve been watching lately, but I’m starting to believe living on a narrow boat might actually be a good idea.  This makes Kayak Man very happy and excited and scares the living daylights out of me. I mean I may actually be losing my mind but it seems like it could be fun and not totally impractical. At least if I don’t like the area we are in moving is not so much of an issue. See, I’m actually considering this doing the pros and con’s list in my head. Pleeease send help!

Feeling a tad down today after not being able to get the appointment I had mentally been gearing up for,  list of questions at the ready and everything. Not just that but I don’t really feel I achieved much instead of going to the doctor. Ho hum, hopefully more progress tomorrow.

Ali xX

K.S.: One of my closest mates found my blog today and her comments made me LMAO! (Isn’t it ironic that she happens to be a (totally trustworthy) Doctor? The world is laughing at me. I may as well join in :P)

4 thoughts on “Today … I suck

  1. It’s when you plan the most that it gets messed up. I find that to be true. Like when I am packing for a trip and I line everything up that needs to make it into the suitcase, all organzied, and I leave the items on the dresser! Aaaghhh

  2. I’m sorry to hear about the rough morning! I’ve always had sleep issues but when I have something to do…. never fails that then I can sleep.

    Hope tomorrow morning goes better and the alarm succeeds in its purpose. Curling up with a good book seems like the perfect ending to that day.

  3. Best laid plans and all that. Sleeping through your alarm is the worst when you absolutely can’t afford to! It happens to me only on the days when I absolutely have to wake up. Good luck with take 2 tomorrow!


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