Red Cross Newbie

Tonight was my first time meeting with the Red Cross branch in Birkenhead and all in all it seemed to go quite well. I’m feeling great about the fact that I did not procrastinate using the fact that I could barely scrape the bus fare together as an excuse and staying in my nice warm house. Nope, I went out and at night too to meet with complete strangers  on my own… and I did NOT have a panic attack – although I must admit I was feeling very on edge for the short train ride home after dark.

I’m even more proud of myself for not collapsing into a gibbering ball of nerves and leaving when I discovered the meeting which I had been informed started at 7 pm actually got underway between 6 and Half past and was in full progress when a lonely oversized lady walked in and interrupted proceedings …

All in all there were about 15 people at the meeting.  I was given a warm welcome and a cup of tea as soon as I walked in which always helps.  Actually I hardly ever drink tea but accepting the drink and sipping away at the warm sugary goodness helps to calm my nerves, even if I do get funny looks because I drink it with sugar and no milk… a combination which is apparently not the done thing.

I did make a tactical error in admitting that I have had some previous first aid training… not so much that this was a bad thing it’s just that once you say that you are then expected to remember some of it. Baring in mind that my certificate lapsed in April 2008 meaning that the award was made sometime in a around 2005, 4 whole years ago,  and that thankfully despite being the one of the office first aiders I was never called on to actually use my first aid knowledge at work because in the whole time I was with my company the only person who needed help on my shift was… me :S    Asking me to scratch around in the black caves at the back of my mind for this information, I wouldn’t be surprised if you could  can you hear the cogs inside my brain creaking?!  I was surprised that I even recalled the ABC of Airways Breathing Circulation fame…   even the specifics how and why  to put somebody in the recovery position…  but need me to perform any feats of bandaging magic or heaven forbid CPR and I’m afraid to say you will DIE before my brain realizes the information is searching for is missing.

We worked on the recovery position today. Start from what you know I say.

I’m so in awe of the work the volunteers do… everything from basic first aid provision for events (what actually made me join) through loaning out medical equipment (wheelchairs, commode back rests etc.),  trying to reconnect missing  family members all over the world, giving a confidence boost by teaching those with severe scaring or birth marks how to cover them with camouflaging (seriously the before and after pictures of this are out of this world !),   to emergency response  trying to offer help and comfort in times of disaster be it house fires or wide spread flooding. All this and of course fund raising too.

Needless to say I’ll be back for my second meeting next week at the correct time. I can’t wait to learn more!

Ali xX

K.S.: I got time alone with the T’V today AND dinner on the table when I came home .. Kayak Man is proud of me 😀

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