Its time to play ball.

Yankees win! THE YANKEES WIN!!!  OMG it feels soo good to hear that again and if you know anything about my feelings on the Chicago baseball divide you’ll understand that a 7-4 victory over the Cubs is just that little bit sweeter.  Baseball is baaaaack !  And life suddenly feels a little better.  Admittedly it was only an exhibition game.  It’s not like the actual season is underway. But it’s coming… and that’s reason for GREAT JOY.  The first game in the Yankees new home. So strange seeing the old place still lit up just across the street. I feel utterly in love with baseball in that park even though I can’t describe myself as a true fan being on the other side of the Atlantic. Makes following the team kind of hard and in truth I only ever saw a few games in the house that Ruth built. Still I cried like a baby watching the final game and to be honest I had really no interest in going to the new home. I’m saying not that’s changed tonight but the new stadium does look great and one thing for sure I still love the Yankee pinstripes. There’s such a great feeling poised at the start of a new season full of hope – after all anything is still possible. Maybe the great thing about sport – you get a clean slate, a new beginning every year although I guess you have to ignore the expectation that come with previous success or the “curse” of a century long drought. This week it all begins again. Bring it on!  LET’S GO YANKEES!!

Ball games aside, I was at the job center again today to see the job broker and to be honest I feel a little like I wasted my time – I was only with the guy maybe 15 minutes. When you think that its a half and hour walk to get there and of course 30 minutes to come home as well – the appointment was kind of a non event. I wouldn’t mind but I don’t really feel like anything was achieved.  He was not able to get my CV off the floppy disk so no progress there. I suspected as much when I didn’t receive an email copy from him, so I had my back-up paper copy with me which he too was saying he was gonna type it up and work on it for me. By the end of our encounter he had handed it back saying I should type it up and email him. This isn’t really a big deal except that being dyslexic typing/spelling and punctuation are difficult for me to say the least. So the task that would probably take him all of 15 minutes will take me soo much longer and still need checking and correcting by somebody else – just ask Gadget Guy who fixes all of these posts for me. Poor guy. Still no biggie. I passed the thing to Kayak Man who is gonna cover the typing for me (HA see how I master the art of delegation!)

Moving on to job search – given what I’ve said about my disability above suggesting vacancies such as office assistant – a role that require great typing skills – is just not gonna work for me and TBH I could have check the job centers webpage at home on my own.  On the plus side he is going to look for colleges offering the access to higher education course as an evening class and I’m getting booked on the confidence building course that the company runs. I think this is a good option for me. I’m expecting a call with all the information on Monday and if nothing else at least I got a long walk in the sunshine.

I’m so pleased to say that I seem to have come through my latest phase of my eating issue and have managed to do three meals a day for most of this week – progress yay!  Touch wood. So far no terrible sickness from the Metformin though I do feel a little off for about 45 minutes after I take it but nothing I can’t cope with. AF showed up this evening too and this is the second month this has happened without the gut wrenching cramps that are usually my crippling warning sign  its about to make an appearance.  Evening primrose oil FTW!

Ali xX

K.S. Baseball baseball baseball… *Happy dance*

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