Doomsday looming.

I had an appointment at the healthy eating clinic. The 10 minute long session was with a practice nurse again – somebody who didn’t appear to actually register that I’d told her I had PCOS and was looking for some dietary advice related to the condition… nor did she seem concerned at all by the fact that I lurch from struggling to actually eat 3 meals a day and keep them down some days to the opposite extreme where I can pack away a stupid amount without even feeling like I’ve eaten. This happens too frequently. She didn’t seem to have any ideas as to what might be the cause. Frankly, she didn’t really care. I really wish I was able to find somebody – anybody – who could give me specific PCOS advice. The search for this mysterious person goes on, I guess. The nurse did however order blood tests: two of them in fact. The first is a glucose test to check for diabetes – something I requested (YAY for listening to me). I’ve been curious/concerned about this ever since the PCOS diagnosis seen as how women with the condition are at higher risk of insulin resistance and diabetes. I’m so pleased somebody is finally going to check it. Will lay my mind to rest if nothing else and if there is a problem hmm I think I need to know! The second blood test ordered was a cholesterol test – first time I’ve had one of these as well. We’ll see what the results bring. Judgment Day is next Tuesday at 9.20 am. I say Judgment Day but of course the crimson vials still have to be sent to a lab somewhere so judgment won’t actually be passed on Tuesday. Perhaps Doomsday might be more appropriate seen as how it involves a 14 hour fast (you can bet I’ll be feeling ravenous that night sods law) an early start (I am so not a morning person) and an unavoidable date with an object that strikes fear into my heart – so much more successfully than the idea of commitment, or a plague of cicadas… and that’s saying a LOT. Yes you’ve guessed it – NEEDLE and I have been set on a collision path. Its not gonna be pretty. At my last practice I was automatically made to lie down and pushed right up against a wall any time I had blood work simply because the likelihood is I’m gonna pass out and if (when) that happens I can’t fall from that position. Uh huh, I ended up on the floor a few times before they figured this out (I’m such a wus). Oddly though I can watch other people go through the same ordeal without batting an eyelid. It’s not that I derive pleasure from the torture of others or anything. Honest. I just don’t find staying conscious a problem.

Time to step on the scales – something I do with about the same enthusiasm as stepping up on the gallows.  I swear I could hear the faint drum beat signaling impending execution in my ears. Those few second take FOREVER… can I get off yet? OH NO THATS BAD… but it is 5 kg or so less than I thought, so it’s not the end of the world or anything. No falling on my knees, wailing and nashing of teeth, asking for the ground to suddenly eat me etc. I’ve been given a generic diet plan. Meh. Some advice on portion control (hay miss, if you think I’m bad at this, take a trip across the pond. Your brain will explode). Still, useful advice.  Work on portion control. Gotcha.

What’s this? A food diary… hmmm I’m not sure about this. it feels a bit like being on report at school. You know, having to get a teacher to sign a scrap of paper to say you were actually present at each class… not that I have experience of this. I was a good girl… or a skilled BS artist… I’ll let you be the judge 😛 I think the diary is too much for me ..It feels like I’m being told off or punished. Kind of makes me want to REBEL! 😛  but I will give it a chance… I suppose…

Next appointment: 2 weeks from now.

In other news… I got my CV off to the person who needs it today …that would be my Job broker and I picked up a beginners’ yoga DVD today. I felt like trying it, hopefully to help me learn to do that relaxing thing a bit better. Of course buying the thing and actually using it are sooo not the same but the thought was there. I’ll put it on my to do list for tomorrow.

Ali xX

K.S.: delicious weight watchers black current cheesecake = dessert with no guilt

4 thoughts on “Doomsday looming.

  1. have you been checked for insulin resistance? if you have it, then I would suggest going with this book:…also this page might be interesting to you…(you may already have read this, of course)…once i went on metformin 2000mg i had to do that type of diet to process foods, but I can totally see how it would be hard as a vegetarian…do you eat eggs and cheese? perhaps you could supplement with that…try whole grain foods (sprouted grain bread like ezekial 3:9 would be good) and high protien/high fiber foods with as little carbs and starches as possible – I never worried about the veggies – eating salads constantly would be A-OK…

  2. oh with the food diary join the weight watchers free online trial (which, funny enough, is 2 weeks) and use it to log your food – it’s interesting because you can see how much things are in terms of bad for you ratings (and some things are really supprising – just because it says healthy doesn’t mean it is!) and the novelty will make it easir to remember to log your food.

    Have you read the PCOS diet book? If you haven’t it is worthwhile, one of my best buys about PCOS in the last 10 years.

    GL 🙂 I’ll be crossing my fingers that you get an actual dietician next time and not just an uncaring and pressed for time nurse.

  3. I had the same problem with food (some days I couldn’t eat, other days I needed to eat everything in sight) which was very definitely the insulin resistance. I’m on 1500mg metformin now and had no problem whatsoever with the drug. Bonus points, that particular symptom which was largely destroying my life (that and the brain fog) totally went away.

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