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Every time I visit the US, I’m always struck by this same thing: the amount of choice there is available over there. I mean just take my favorite candy covered chocolate: M&M’s. I thought we were doing pretty well here in the UK.  We have milk chocolate; we’ve got your peanut ones if you’re a little nutty like me and just recently we’ve added Crispy ones that are sooo not to my taste but it gives people another option. I was happy with that… until… I waltzed into a Walgreens and was blown away to the point where my brain was stalling. It seemed that there were M&M’s everywhere I looked.  Choices choices choices… Dark chocolate. Peanut dark chocolate. Mint. CHERRY flavor … whoa my M&M’s got a makeover… what are these M&M Premiums? Oooo… candy for grown ups (unfortunately with a bigger price tag too!)  The packet sizes are amazing and if that’s not enough, everything comes in so many colors… repackaged and rebranded for the up and coming holiday just in case I want to coordinate my candy to my outfit! CRAZYNESS ..

An illustration for this week’s show and tell class… Lets talk Easter…  this is the Easter candy isle at my local super market:

My Easter Choices

My Easter Choices

Easter eggs of all shapes and sizes to suit all budgets and age groups. I’d say this was a pretty good selection over here in the UK. We give chocolate eggs at Easter time. Kids usually receive a few from different family members or relatives (I must be a grown up officially because this year was my first year without lol – good for my diet). I think the selection matches up fairly well with Gadget Guy’s picture … other than that his eggs are made by Hershey’s and I like those better because lets face it the grass is ALWAYS greener  here’s his picture:

Gaget guy's eggs..

Gaget Guy's eggs..

So far so good… except that Gadget Guy’s local store also has all of THIS stuff on offer for the Easter bunny to choose from:

Cadbury's egg overload

Cadbury's egg overload

There's more ?!

There's more ?!

HUUGE Easter Baskets

HUUGE Easter Baskets

Make Your Own Easter Baskets

Make Your Own Easter Baskets

There are toys… and games, chocolate, candy… the list goes on. What are these HUUUGE Easter baskets anyways? Oh oh apparently that’s what you guys do over there?  Not just one egg? Oh nooooo a whole Easter buffet wrapped up in a basket and tied with a bow. WOW. Your Easter bunny sure is generous. I’m thinking your kids are real lucky over there. It seems like if I’d grown up American I sure would have got a lot more candy what with Easter and the Halloween madness. But then on the other hand I wonder how much pressure all this commercialization puts on parents. On the one hand you want to give your kids the same treatment their peers may be receiving. You don’t want to let them down or have them singled out but on the other budget /economy etc.  I know I know you don’t HAVE to cave to the pressure and your children don’t really NEED all this stuff, but I think it must be though when your kids are bombarded with toys and candy and bright shiny objects and given these expectations by an advertising industry that – let’s face it – has little regard for your financial position and seems engaged in a permanent death match struggle between rivals for every single dollar that does leave your wallet.

Choices choices choices… I’m not sure I’ll ever stop being amazed by the variety in the “Land of Plenty”. I mean, seriously, look at those Cadbury’s orange eggs. Cadbury is a UK company and I’ve NEVER even seen those things. I keep telling Gadget Guy there must be something wrong with them if we’re sending them ALL to America  😛 And this: a wall of Peeps. A WHOLE WALL. Nothing but Peeps… Peeps… Peeps…



I’ve had dreams where they all fall on me and I’m drowning in brightly colored marshmallows…. A-MAZING.

Make sure you check out what the rest of the class is talking about.


6 thoughts on “Show and Tell

  1. LOVE this post. My FAVORITE M&M’s are the peanut butter ones — they come in a red package and are by far the BEST. You’ve got my candy-juices flowing with all your pics. . .:-)


  2. The premade Easter baskets are for the lazy — there are always some not-too-good candies in there, the stuffed animals and toys are 2nd rate, and even the basket is low quallity. A proper Easter-loving parent spoils you by making one from scratch.

    My parents made me lots of baskets over the years, but the fake cellophane grass (normally used as padding for the bottom of the basket) was outlawed in my house, since it gets EVERYWHERE.

  3. I love this comparison post…very cool. I agree with babysmiling that the premade baskets are for the lazy…LOL.
    And, I think I’m going to ban that damned grass too.

  4. I remember thinking the exact same thing about too much choice when we lived overseas for 2 years and then came back to the US.

    We were lucky to have 2 choices of cereals at the specialty/foreigner’s store in Aleppo.

    Standing in the cereal aisle when we got home, we were both struck by analysis paralysis. There must have been 5 yards of 5 shelves on either side to choose from.

    I love quality chocolate, but you don’t really find that in the grocery store.

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