Rings & things.

Fasting is no fun. I woke up too late today to really have proper meals before my fast began.  As a result, I only actually ate a yogurt and two slices of toast before embarking on my 14 HOURS food free. OK ok make that 1 raspberry flavored yogurt, 2 slices of toast  and as many M&M’S as I could crunch up and swallow in the 5 minute count down to zero hour – a number which is lower than you might think seen as I was laughing the whole time which makes actually chewing kind of hard.  It only actually registered after it was pointed out to me that actually this is food and drink free.  Water is my only option which really sucks because I find it so hard to drink water.  I really don’t like it; couple that with the fact that I’m the most stubborn and contrary person I know. As soon as you tell me I can’t so something of course it’s the only thing I can think about.  I never realized until this evening how much FOOD is advertised on TV AND it all looks GREAT… even the stuff I never would have considered eating… if it hadn’t been for the fact that the activity is prohibited. Each advert had me lusting Homer Simpson style:  Mmmm popcorn… mmm cream cheese…  oooo pasta…  marmite… wait I HATE marmite…  actually that looks good (its not the smell alone makes me gag )…  meat… chocolate… awwwww chocolate… such fond memories you’d have though I was never going to eat the stuff again. The only thing that failed to inspire my deprived taste buds was the Arby’s advert.  I don’t know what it is about that place but their food SCARES ME… and usually it has to be said advert food is way more appetizing than the actual object in reality, so Arby’s…. I’m thinking no…. the cheese on these things looks unnatural.  It’s the food of my nightmares. Just thinking about it I’m starting to break a sweat.. Yeah I’m an Arby’sophobe can you get therapy for that?!

My stomach won’t stop growling at me. I think it’s angry. The noise I don’t mind so much but the ache of I’m hungry feed me… FEED ME… that just takes the piss. Where are you every other day when I struggle to eat my meals or just plain forget to eat altogether?  Hunger – you never show up then do ya!? Bastard.

Moving quickly on to good news… no, GREAT news.  I found out tonight that one of my friends got ENGAGED last Tuesday. We’ll call her Musical Miss because of her crazy violin-piano-singing passion and talent. Now usually I’d be all cynical.  I’m not a great advocate for the institution of marriage it has to be said. Well, OK, that’s not quite true. I’m a hopeless romantic in theory. I’d like to believe that everybody has a soul mate out there and I do believe in true love. Its just I have some issues with the whole idea of monogamy, which lets face it, is kind of key to the traditional marriage service.  Yes yes I KNOW… this view is going to make me REALLY unpopular and may even lead to some name calling or unfavorable judgments about me and my morals or standards. So be it. Live and let live, I say I’m not saying a monogamous relationship is wrong for anyone else at all.  At the end of the day, be in the relationship that makes you happy. That’s most important.

Musical Miss and her man are utterly happy and what’s more they are so well matched and cute together. It has cynical people like me calling for a bucket and grinning from ear to ear.  My friend has been there for me the whole time as I was growing up.  I totally admire her pragmatic practical attitude. The amount of different passions and commitments she juggles is staggering and she’s had more then her fair share of heart ache too. I’m so so thrilled that she has found a sweet, caring and funny guy who recognizes her for the amazing woman she is. From what I’ve seen, being with him only makes her stronger. I wish them every blinking happiness in the whole world. To me, they are the real deal and so I find myself in rather unusual position of being thrilled and excited by the prospect of a wedding. Actually its pretty damn awesome that I’ve had to add a congratulations card to my shopping list.

Ali xX

K.S.: My girlfriends getting married … bring on the hen night woohoo!

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