The “E” thing ..its a nightmare.

It’s a pretty obvious thing to say, but I really do need food and sleep to make me happy. I’m struggling with both right now, so I’ve been kind of a mess for the last two nights. I’ve been having the most horrifying and vivid nightmares. I wake up suddenly, usually I’m shaking and this morning I almost threw up. They bother me the rest of the day almost as if the images are haunting me – making me restless and on edge and to be truthful, frightened to go back to sleep. Sometimes these things are so real I’m just left kind of dazed and confused. Crazy, I know.

The dentist past off without too much problem. The young girl dentist looked so young. I felt old. I feel awful, but I kind of thought she was the nurse – not because she’s female she just looked YOUNG. Some people have all the luck hehehe. She was real gentle and very nice – a much more pleasant experience than I has EVER had before. Yes, I have to go back to have some work done. Its not gonna be nice. I’m a total wuss in that dentist chair. The nerves make my fingers tingle and I flinch at any movement, even if nobody is touching my mouth. Hate the dentist. HATE.  Dentist Round Two at the end of May now. I just have an eye test to book, a doctor’s appointment to arrange, to get my hair cut… the list goes on.  Taking responsibility feels great!

Kayak Man and I are now the proud owners of a Wii and Wii Fit. I’m hoping to build up a daily exercise routine right at home in my front room. Yeah, I found out my Wii fit age and my BMI today.  Nope I’m not telling…yet. I did my first 30 min workout today and really broke a sweat, but I felt so proud of myself – after all it was a little boost. Don’t they say it takes 21 days for a new activity to become a habit? Hmm I wonder if that’s true? Because I just have got to find a way to make this “e” thing more of a habit.

Ali xX

K.S: Exercise and Fun… maybe two words that DO go together after all.

One thought on “The “E” thing ..its a nightmare.

  1. I love my Wii Fit, I’m managing to do 60 minutes a day and without it there’s no way I’d be buying a treadmill now. I only have one issue with it and that’s the weighting yourself every day thing but you can skip the body test and just do training every day. Good luck getting into a routine!

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