Crushed, embarrassed, hurting and fearful that things might carry on this way. That’s how I feel. What am I talking about?  How… HOW could the Yankees, my team, my boys – lose 22-4 against the Cleveland Indians? Seriously. 22-4. That’s historic. Who gives up 14 runs in one inning…?  ONE?! Unbelievable!  They say history is written by the victors. At least I guess WE won’t have to write about this mess then, which is probably a good thing seen as we are obviously slacking or lollygagging ( I love that word! thanks Dull Durham) or just plain losing our minds and failing to show up to the ballpark at all. YO GUYS… the game is baseball… remember!???  To use another quote “It’s a simple game: you throw the ball, you hit the ball, you catch the ball!” Right now,   your score: Fail Fail and Fail… there’s no excuses!  IT SUCKS… IT HURTS!

I wouldn’t mind… I lie. 22-4… are you kidding me? I’d always HATE that… but it would be more bearable if it was a one off… but no! That’s the third time in a week we have looked like the worst team in baseball. Need I remind you of the loss 5-15 Tampa Bay Rays home opener… loss 2-10 YANKEES NEW STADIUM HOME OPENER!! (WTF Nooooooooooooooooo!!). Uh huh and at one point our bullpen was so screwed and tired we gave the ball to Nick Swisher… umm yeah… look its not that I’m objecting to that choice… I mean when people are laughing at you… and you can’t beat them the best thing to do is laugh too SURE… I laughed… but things never NEVER should have gotten to that point in the FIRST PLACE!  Point is, stack all this up and I’m not laughing anymore. I’m CRYING. Make is stop.  Please God tell me we’re not gonna spend the whole season choking, because umm the Yankees have that reputation you know.  Everyone hates us… if we’re choking everyone else is laughing… Great. We’ll be the most expensive JOKE in baseball history.

Its occurs to me that right now… life is a bit like this. Crushed, embarrassed, hurting and fearful that things might carry on this way with the economy the way it is… and what were calling the credit crunch. I would guess most of us are either being crunched… or know someone – probably several people – we love who are (no names… but I certainly do). We’re surrounded by bad news. Sometimes it feels like we’re drowning it… and nobody has answers. When will it end!? How long do we have to live this way??… and even WHAT THE HELL DO WE HAVE TO DO TO FIX THIS !?

I love how people are looking around for someone to blame and there is certainly a lot of blame out there. I’m not disagreeing with blaming the banks, industry, government or whoever, but how about we FIX first BLAME later? People are dying out here having their whole lives ripped away from them. Can we focus on stopping the bleeding maybe and sort out who hit who later? PRIORITIES PEOPLE!

So many of us face uphill struggles – money… infertility…illness to name but a few, stretching into my future…  and all we can do is the same thing the Yankees should: Keep your head down, Ignore everyone else and focus on what you have got to do, what you can change… anything you have control over… play as HARD as you can everyday and never say die.

Its easier – soo much easier – said than done. There is NO CRYING in baseball… but in life, its allowed I’m crying too right there with you.

Depressing times.

Ali xX

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