Show and Tell

Ooo… its show and tell time again. Don’t forget to take a look at the rest of the class.

This weekend I decided it had been a little to long since I was in the kitchen. Learning to cook better is part of my master plan, you know, so this fine Sunday I made roast pork for dinner. It turned out actually pretty yummy, but I want to share with you my first attempt at making a cake. I’ve seen this recipe in a magazine before Easter but budget issues meant I had to wait till this week to attempt it. Now, as a warning, I’m really new at this so all you domestic goddesses – no laughing now. Play nice… oh and ummm over here in the UK I have no cake mixes or tinned frosting, so I had to make the whole lot from scratch.  Here it is:

Mmmm cake !

Marble cake

One more thing I really need a way to get through to Kayak Man: JUST how frustrating and annoying it is that he always hangs around in the kitchen like a bad smell. As I’m finishing some thing and he just HAS to stick his fingers in it. Today was no exception. He ate half the frosting and tipped a load of mini eggs all over the center of my cake. Doesn’t he know I’m trying to be creative? lol “Trying” being the operative word there. Hay if I don’t try I can’t learn, right?  Anyways, after all this he pronounced the cake a success and “very yummy” so I’m happy with it because this man don’t lie. If it was awful he’d say so.

Thanks for stopping by 🙂


5 thoughts on “Show and Tell

  1. Looks yum! And I am going to rate it even higher if you promise me a huge slice of that cake! 🙂

    Hope you loads of success in acing your master plan…

    You know, I hate to cook…None of my Show and Tells have been about food. But I am able to make a few things quite above average, So I may do a dish and photo it…

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