Nerves !

So, the stylist did a great job on the touch of color. I love it. Subtle, but I love it!! HOWEVER …was a bit over enthusiastic with “bringing out my natural curls”. I have expensive SEX HAIR… and didn’t even …yeah fail! LOL! Please excuse the lack of make up in this photo…


I’ve done everything I can to prepare for my interview tomorrow and I’m still a huge ball of nerves. I’m not even stressing about getting the job or not (although of course I would love it). Mostly I just don’t want to make a fool out of myself. It’s a daunting process after a three year gap… what with that and Kayak Man having the deadline for the final project of his Software Engineering degree tomorrow. There’s nothing but nerves and stress in my house tonight. We’re giving each other space because when I get too nervous I panic so I’m trying hard NOT to get into that mess… and Kayak Man’s constant frustrated ramblings at his PC for not giving him the actual reason WHY the thing he wants it to do is NOT working. Yeah, that’s really not helping me with the “no panic” thing. I feel kind of sick actually, and from the sounds of it he’s gonna be up all night.

This time tomorrow it will all be over – for better or for worse. if you have some to spare, send some positive thoughts our way tomorrow. I think we’ll both need them.

Ali xX

K.S. : My Wii Fit age is getting younger !

8 thoughts on “Nerves !

  1. Hi there, I enjoyed your blog, including updates on your WII fit age and pictures of ducks. 🙂 I’m sorry you have had a rough time of life, sounds like you are well adjusted and making it through. I guess thats all we can do sometimes!

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