Don’t call us …

I would say I had forgotten just how much the interview process is painful, but I’d be lying. I’ve always hated them and in my experience I would be in the majority with this view. Interviews suck.  The job I went for does not suck.  The company came over very professional with a clear idea of the market they are aiming for and a way of working that I could really get on boarded with… AND the color scheme for the place is black and purple which is just totally me. Honestly, if I could have designed it from scratch it would have looked pretty much AS IS. Yep, I think I would fit in and I think I could really be great at the job. Oh and did I mention I want to go back to work so bad its killing me! Yeah, me and a million other people.

And there’s the problem: do I think I would rock at this job? Oh yep I do… however I am sure there are plenty of other people who could also rock it. I don’t think I’m ace at the selling myself part. Let’s face it, its kind of hard to sell. I’ve been off sick for 2 years but I’ve rebuilt myself and I’m sooooooooo ready to get back to making a contribution to society. Pleeease take a chance on me… I’m not proud of where I’ve been for the last two years, so expecting me to sell it… pffft akward.

The interview was NOT a total disaster. I don’t feel I was out if my depth  nor do I feel that anyone was laughing at me  or wondering why I was there (so my nightmares did not come true). I was truly interested by the place, plus I just loved seeing how it was designed. I did not waste my time. That said, I don’t think I’ll be celebrating. Unfortunately the current economic climate and the uphill struggle of getting off long term sick benefit and back into work  made more like climbing a sheer cliff face. They have had more applications for this one post than ever before and the interview was peppered with don’t give up but don’t call us we’ll call you type phrases. Don’t you just love those!? Why do we have to swallow this oh so thinly sugar coated stuff?  I’d so much rather people were just honest. You didn’t get it, but here’s some feedback/pointers/things to work on..

I need to get better control of my nerves, though. I came right out of there and had a panic attack in the center of town.  Just a mild one. I didn’t collapse in a mess. I was kind of sick, though. I’m not even sure it was related to the stress from the interview, but it’s left me feeling pretty shaken up. I certainly don’t feel as confident today as I did 24 hours ago. I’m not too disheartened. I read once that people attend on average 8 interviews before actually being successful, in which case I have 7 more to go before I hit average.


I will not give up … on with the search…

Ali xX

K.S. Kayak Man finally handed in his project and is no longer yelling at his PC.

3 thoughts on “Don’t call us …

  1. How about getting some solid tips about how to ace the interviews…Somebody must have got the job…why?

    All the very best…I don’t want you to sit for 7 before you get anywhere…God Bless!


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