Faking the sunshine summer ..

The weather was actually not that great today. Kayak Man was most upset that we had the most glorious weather this week right up until he hands his mammoth project in… and then poof… back to our usual fare of clouds and some rain.  Undeterred, he declared we must go out and get a BBQ and so that’s just what we did. Off to our local DIY store to spend ages ogling  the latest Weber grill and its many competitors, discussing the finer points of BBQ-ing  and the fact that what we are proposing to do is not actually BBQ-ing at all but more like grilling ..

At least we can both agree that gas powered grills are just so wrong and never will one cross the doorstep of our home. Oh no! We need charcoal and wood chips… and flaaames.  Well, at least the wonderful red hot glow and the wonderful snaps and crackles of things burning.  Otherwise, the taste is just never the same… Kayak Man points out we have a gas powered hob… it’s not gonna get any better just because the contraption is outside. So, charcoal it is then. After we’d finished perving on all the grills we really couldn’t afford, in an eyes wide one day we’ll get… mmhumm when we actually have a credible income, we’ll upgrade. Really, it took all my powers of diplomacy  to talk the man down from his we must buy this half oil drum huuuge grill for I am man  and man must grill ledge. Considerable will power too on my part I might add not to jump on board with his Weber fantasy… because oooo so cool!  But we’re grown ups now and that involves being realistic about budget (hmm ok  … make that more realistic than we have been) so we got our little grill… and after you buy a new grill there’s only one place to go next. Well, for us carnivores anyway, and that’s meat shopping. Gotta break the thing in in style.

Grill corner There is nothing that says summer more to me than firing up the BBQ, preparing an assortment of meats and salads.  It’s the happiest I’ve been in the kitchen for ages.  Now I know the cynics amongst you will draw a parallel here between my happy state and how easy salads are to prepare. Psssht that has nothing to do with it!  I’ll have you know it’s perfectly possible to fail at salad too. Trust me.

We feasted on BBQ corn, pork kebabs and sausage… and it was gooood…  and I topped it all off with a freshly prepared fruit salad and vanilla ice cream,  which to me is like summer in a bowl.  Kayak Man has declared he will now cook on the grill anytime the weather allows, just because he can!   You won’t hear no argument from me… grilling rocks and totally took my mind off the sucky job search thing ..

Two things I need to bring up however:

I know this goes against the grain of all that is manly, but I actually love to get a hold of those grilling tools and have a go myself you know (why is it…we have kitchen utensils  but grilling TOOLS… hmmm testosterone overload me thinks).

Mmmm Meat

In this same vain, I have to share one of my huge summer pet peeves… guys who randomly take their shirt off. What the hell… why is this ok!?  Yeah yeah I know its hot around the grill,  but heck you’d all have something to say if I just whipped my shirt  off to get more comfortable.  Like the removal of the thin cotton t-shirt you were wearing is gonna help oh so much!  KEEP IT ON! If I want to see your bare chest, I’ll let you know. Better yet, I’ll take your dam shirt off myself. GOT IT?  Good!   Kayak Man maintains that it’s ok for guys because of the lack of breasts. HA riiight… first my tits so don’t count as breast… and second… seriously… LOOK at the majority of the topless show offs around here. They sure could use some extra support in the chest area, I’m telling you.

In the privacy of your own home is one thing… but in public… in front of people you don’t know… or worse: people you DO know (parents or friends… uughhh CRINGE). Oh, and I know you think you’re cool, but actually it would amuse me more if your got on the bus with your top missing your pants… at least that’s original and it might make me giggle.

*breathes* ok… rant over… seriously, though, keep it covered.  Sunburn causes cancer ya know!

After all the grilling great food and fresh air, I was feeling all sunshine and summer even if the weather didn’t agree with me.

I know for a fact you guys over in the USA take BBQ to a whole new level…any great ideas for us to try on our little back yard grill let me know!

Ali xX

K.S.: flaaaames are oh so pretty… (mmhum pyromaniac that’s me )

3 thoughts on “Faking the sunshine summer ..

  1. “guys who randomly take their shirt off”
    I hate that about England in the summer, I mean what the hell, put it away, I don’t want to be assaulted by your pasty whiteness, you are not sexy, you just make me want to vomit
    ick ick ick

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