What a Witch.

Frustration… don’t ask me why, but I’m feeling decidedly hormonal. Everything just seems a little harder and caused more frustration. I didn’t get the job applications that I wanted to submitted.  I failed to get my registration for this year’s Race for Life completed. I seemed to have more than my usual quota of irritating, frustrating, pulling my hair out style conversations.  No matter what I do, I can not relax and let go. I’ve tried all my usual tricks. Oh, and I scored an epic fail at the “E” thing today also, managing to pack away an obscene amount of junk food and chocolate. I’m at the point now where noises are winding me up – whether it’s Kayak Man downstairs with the Wii game that’s been on since the second he got home from college, or just sound effects or webpages from my own machine. Everything seems extra loud and annoying… GAH… Shhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! I can’t think!

I did hear today that the hospital I applied to volunteer for has actually contacted my references and they will be writing back sometime over the weekend… so at least some progress was made today.

I’m totally not being pushed into a corner… I just FEEL that way… and then I spend the rest of the day biting my tongue so as not to say the wrong thing or snap and take someone’s head off. I failed once today already, and yeah I do feel sorry for the guy looking back on it, but at the time I swear I saw RED.

Hormones are the REAL bitch!

Ali xX

K.S.: Basic First Aid training tomorrow

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