The 2 MONTH wait !?

I did actually go out to the weekly Red Cross meeting tonight despite not actually feeling much better than yesterday, but I was able to get my paperwork started. I’m on my way to becoming a full volunteer with uniform and ID badge an all, which should mean that eventually I can actually do public duty as a volunteer.  W00t! From what I’ve heard, these things can take a good few months so I’m not gonna hold my breath, but hay at least the process is started. They have some very interesting additional training courses coming up too, all very exciting.

As you’ll gather, I’ve not really been feeling myself so I’ve let some of my posting slip, so let’s try to bring things up to speed.  The company I had an interview with a couple of weeks ago got back to me and unfortunately I wasn’t successful this time (I kind of knew that already, still… BOO 😦  ). When I asked for feed back or anything I could improve on in the interview, got nuffin… NOTHING. Actually she said she was very pleased with how things went and so was her boss.  YAY GO ME! It’s just they did have a lot of applicants and this time the position went to someone with a little more experience. Mmhum… totally understandable.  They ARE keeping my information on file and will possibly be contacting me about another vacancy in a few weeks and they WOULD like to have me apply again in the future.  So I guess that’s as good as the bad news (I didn’t actually get a job) can get. Actually, I’m very happy about the outcome at least I now know I can go to interviews and not embarrass myself and that’s always a plus.

I thought the hospital had forgotten my application to volunteer with them as I hadn’t heard a peep out of anyone over there since I sent the form in before Easter, BUT it turns out they have actually contacted my references. It’s great when the references are friends and actually call to tell you these things. Both my loyal mates have done their bit and the information was sent back at the beginning of this week, so at least I know things are still ticking along on that front, all be it sloowly.

Talk about slooooow… my college application is killing me.  I thought I had a 4 week wait till I would find out if I’m accepted onto the course that I soo want to do next year and was super SUPER excited when I received a letter from said institution this week  UNTIL I opened it up.  The form letter was to let me know my application had been received (YAY) and that they will be in touch again when they start the selection process IN JULY!  Wait… July? I have to wait 2 whole months!! … 2 months… the nail biting continues… gotta keep those fingers crossed longer too!

Kaykak Man moved on from grilling… to trying to MAKE/BURN his own charcoal. Yes you read that right.  Uh huh… he may be crazy. All I know is it makes one hell of a lot of needless mess AND seems to make a fun hobby like grilling good food needlessly complicated and annoying. I’ve tried everything to make him stop: reason, nagging, more reason… THE LOOK… the exasperated WTF are you doing sigh.  I’ve pleaded, I do not beg… but NOTHING is working and even though the first batch was a disaster and had him black from head to foot so that he looked like he’d been stuck down a Welsh coal mine for about 3 weeks, apparently he’ll be trying again soon because “he knows what he did wrong now”.  Yeah I’m banging my head against a brick wall. Oh oh… he sliced a notch out of his finger with a knife while I was out the other day and refuses to go and see anyone until it goes green. Yeah that’s what he said – IF it turns green because of infection then he’ll go see someone. There’s gonna be a permanent dent in that finger for sure. We’re not talking about a small cut here. Yet more proof he’s not only crazy but almost as stubborn as me. Sheesks!  On the plus side he only has TWO exams left. Yeah he FINNISHES his 3 years of Software Engineering degree in to weeks!!! I could dance for joy, but I won’t until I know he actually passed. I’m so excited for him and and and… Finally I might be able to stop worrying about him and his attendance record at school.. I CAN NOT WAIT!!!

Ali xX

K.S: Woohoo for actually going outside and keeping to commitments even when you feel awful… that’s grown up behavior, that is!

One thought on “The 2 MONTH wait !?

  1. Sounds like today was a better day, I hope so! Lots of stuff going on around you these days. Your post made me tired ;o) 2 months will go by like NOTHING! No problem!

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