Show & Tell


Something really simple for show and tell: I picked up my new glasses and shades. I thought I’d share the pictures.  I like the frames for my spectacles a lot.  Trying to be more responsible about wearing them than I was last time I had a prescription which was about two years ago, I think. I lost those within the first 6 months. Oops! I’m not so happy with the sun glasses, but I had a limited choice of frames and these were the best of them. The feeling was not helped by Kayak Man who proclaimed they made me look like Bono’s mum. HIS MOTHER?! Are you kidding me lol

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3 thoughts on “Show & Tell

  1. LOLOL…Ali, in your second snap you look so “ahem serious”! Did the specs ride down to the nose or you had the pose done that way?

    Anyways…they are cool and I hope you are serious about them this time!

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