Show and Tell ..OMG you ROCK Day 2009 !!

When Liv decided to create “OMG…You Rock” Day, I was so excited I couldn’t wait to send my email off. I mean what a fabulous idea to create a day to remind ourselves that despite our struggles, we all have things to be thankful for.  We all rock in our own way.  I get to make someone else feel special…AND I get Mail that does not require me to… or ask me too give money to someone… Win win.. AWESOME plan!

Stroke of genius on her part to have this special day coincide with Mothers Day across the pond… a day that causes so many in this community pain, sadness and distress, to remind them that Mommies in Waiting have not been forgotten. No sir THEY ROCK!  All I have to say is Thank you … we’re doing this again next year right?  Where do I sign up?

Of course Mothers Day for me in the UK has already passed. I have to tell you the fact that we have Mothers Day nine months exactly AFTER Fathers Day always makes me giggle. Anyways, today for me was all about rocking.

For Show and Tell this week I’d like to share with you the wonderful gifts I received from my buddy Amy aka Village Pig.

Omg you rock.

Let me use her word for they are so much more eloquent than mine:

– Blossoms to clarify your soul

-Sparkle to brighten your day

– A mirror to reveal your inner light

-a Special book which has seem me through many dark moments

Awwwww how thoughtful is that? I’m afraid she puts me to shame. I’m delighted with her gift. The smell of those blossom petals as I opened my box of little treasures was wonderful. I’ve actually been searching for a little mirror for my handbag for ages  and the one Amy found was perfect, pretty and purpley… so very me.  My search is over!   Sparkle came in the form of a belly chain which is not something I have ever bought before… but I have put it away in a special place in my jewelry box, renewing my determination that I WILL get my diet under control and one day I WILL feel confidant enough to wear that gem pride!

As you can see from the picture, the book I received was The Little Prince I haven’t read it before, but a few people have recommended it to me. i feel special that VP would share something with me that has been such a help to her personally.  it was the most touching part of the gift even more so with the little inscription on the inside cover. It will always belong to me..

Amy herself TOTALLY rocks as a mum to twin boys with what seems like a demanding job, a South African who has ended up in North Wales.. Ok all this right there should be enough to convince you to go over there and have a read.

Recently she has been trying to become an Egg Donor and even though sadly it seems it is not to be.  It does not take away from the selfless gesture of kindness and compassion to those less fortunate than herself. It takes somebody VERY special  to go down this road and all I can say is THANK YOU  which somehow seems too little.

So go over there… say hello and tell her she RAWKS!

And when your done doing that, head over to Mel’s & check out what the rest of the class is up to as well 🙂

Ali xX


7 thoughts on “Show and Tell ..OMG you ROCK Day 2009 !!

  1. I absolutely love it! Way to go Amy. And you my dear are awesome too Ali. I’m so happy you all were able to join us. Oh, and there will definitely be a next year – no matter what!

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