Show and Tell

I’m so excited because my necklace arrived in the post at the beginning of this week.  I ordered it a while back from Smitten Jewelry and was thrilled it made it across the Atlantic in one piece. I got the idea after seeing some infertility awareness necklaces. I don’t really feel I should be wearing one of those as I haven’t been TTC, but I started to think about wearing something similar for PCOS. In the past I’d always been so embarrassed or ashamed of the side effects of my condition that I never really wanted to talk about it, but I don’t really feel that way anymore since I’ve looked more into the condition,  become more informed and realized just how many women PCOS affects.  And so I present to you the necklace

PCOS necklace.

It has a little heart to remind me that its hard to let people close if you don’t love yourself, the PCOS awareness ribbon because I have PCOS and I do think women need to be more aware annnd if you wanna ask questions this lady is gonna answer them from now on (to the best of her ability) and finally the sliver charm with the word strength engraved. I don’t think of myself as a strong woman but I sure aim to become one. Maybe my necklace can be my lucky charm.

Remember to check out what the rest of the class has on display.

2 thoughts on “Show and Tell

  1. Ali…it is wonderful….aesthetic and enlightening….Congratulations!!!

    Thanks also for the comment on my blog….it means a lot for me…

    Take Care and be good!

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