Movie, munchies and motivation.

Feeling re-energized this Monday morning. No idea why, seen as I didn’t sleep last night.  Anyways, I got up and made all my phone calls, one after the other, bam bam bam flying through the To Talk To list. Called the job broker – yeah waiting for a call back. Also made a call to our local Nation Childbirth Trust just to see if they need any volunteers or have any work shadow places.  The organization is run by parents and volunteers so I’m hopeful even though it might take a little while to get things set up. Yeah, I got real pushy after that and called the local NHS Trust.  Remember I sent my volunteer application to them just before Easter and so far I’d heard nothing, so I thought it was time for a chase up call. Turns out they have my application, they have my references and apparently I’ll be invited to an interview some time around the 26th of June. Whoa things move slowly with the NHS… even on the volunteer front. I really hope it didn’t go against me that I bothered them but now at least I have a date by which things should move forward, I feel better about that and I’ll have something to say if asked bout it at my college interview … the interview that’s TWO WEEKS today. Eeepss. Better start actually thinking about it. I want to be well prepared. I need to convince someone that I’ve actually thought about it and despite my shaky health past I have the commitment and stamina for the course.Yeah a tall order I think.  Gotta work on that A game again

The dreaded appointment has been booked. I have a time and place for that awful Pap smear. Ohhh the antics I had on the phone with the receptionist “well really you should wait till after your period. Aherm. PCOS. I have no periods. Well, barely any. But really we need… you should wait.  Soo I had to calmly explain that I was meant to have this thing at 25 – I’ll 27 this August. I’ve been avoiding this thing for 2 years. You really want me to wait the 6- 9 – 12 months or whatever till AF decides to grace me with her presence… really? I have an appointment after I promised to call and cancel if – by some tripped out logic that only AF is aware of she chooses that one day to ruin the plan.  Mmhumm… Sods Law dictates that this is more likely than my cycle stats would have you believe. Oohh ohhh she did tell me it would hurt more if I’m not coming off my cycle. Great… just wonderful… thanks.

So all of this is good, right? Making progress and all… but hers the bad news: I’m having a Fat Monday. Ugggh. Sucks. I’m having a hungry day. I’ve eaten a ton of crap – none of it good for me and I feel so guilty. It all started when I came across a pretzel stand in Liverpool 1’s shopping center. I’ve never seen one this side of the Atlantic and ooo I squealed. Well I had to try one…cinnamon pretzel and it was goood . So excited its there I hope it stays! Well then I was at Star Trek. Yep I went with Kayak Man to celebrate his birthday (a little late admittedly). So there I get waffle and ice cream. A few hours later I came out still feeling starving and grabbed a burrito bowl that I think looked so good. My eyes we so much hungrier than my stomach…and finally after it I was full and EXAUSTED. See seee fat fat FAT … I feel awful. It tasted so good and gawd this pig out one day can’t eat anything the next is doing my head in! GAH!!

Now now now Star Trek. I am not a Star Trek fan. I’m in the Star Trek clueless zone. I just wanted Kayak Man to be happy. I mean the guy is a fan and I would find it real hard to listen to him rip a film apart without having a clue what he’s actually referring to. lol. That worked out ok. He liked it. He wants more. Actually, so do I. I kinda wanna find out more about the original characters.  Yeah it made me wanna watch Star Trek, which I was NOT expecting at all…great job. Only two comments: its a real slap in the face when your suddenly confronted with a pregnant woman in labor and quite a detailed birth thing going on before the opening credits have even started. Left me feeling a tad shocked and a bit like I was intruding.  Weird feeling… and second: Vulcan ears are much cuter on a kid.  Mmhum I would totally go and see it again, so the movie surpassed my expectations. I never even felt like I was just sitting through it to make Kayak Man smile. A-mazing !

Live long and… oh sod it .. aim for the stars people 😛

Ali xX

4 thoughts on “Movie, munchies and motivation.

  1. I’ve heard GREAT things about that movie. I’m not a Star Trek fan, either. So maybe I’ll go see it. Good for you for being so productive! I bet that felt great! Enjoy your day, hon!

  2. You’ve actually made me willing to watch that movie (H is currently verry happy).

    Ick on the smear, you would have thought with all the advances in science there would be a less invasive way of checking for stuff. But (and I don’t say this to scare you) they are honestly SO important, one of my sisters had cervical cancer at 19, at one stage we tought we would lose her because it spread over the bladder but they caught it in time and she’s in remission 6 years now and my other sister had cancerous cells found only a year after the first one. I HATE smears but get one every year because I’m high risk due to my sisters and because I know the value of catching these things early.

    Sorry that got a little preachy but I can’t say enough how important it is to get your smear done, don’t put it off next time!!!

  3. Glad you made the appointment.

    I’ve heard great things about the Star Trek movie and can’t wait to see it (hurry up Thursday). I heard they are already filming two more.

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