Lost in translation.

I bet you’re wondering where I’ve been. lol OK maybe not, but anyways… if you noticed I was gone I’m here to tell you I’m baaaack and offer up my excuses. You see I couldn’t post anything this weekend because … it was Memorial Day over in the US. That’s the holiday weekend that signals the unofficial start of summer, because unlike us here in the UK, over the pond summer is a thing that you can pretty much rely upon to show up each year. Actually more importantly, its the day they celebrate and remember those who have make the ultimate sacrifice in the service of their country and of course those who continue to serve today and the military families who support them. Which, in my mind, makes the day so much more important than the start of a season as we all should take time to say a heartfelt “thank you” where it’s owed. It’s the least we can do. Mmhumm… yeah, so it was Memorial Day weekend and I was totally unable to post. I can see my excuse is not convincing you.  It also happens to be a holiday weekend over this side of the water too and well you see I was unable to post because Mr. & Mrs. Gadget Guy where out of town for the weekend enjoying some quality family time being super cool aunt and uncle and squeezing in some well earned rest as well. Why is this important? Well you see this is the part where I tell you that I wouldn’t be writing this blog at all if it wasn’t for GG and his support.

Actually, Village Pig asked me about this over on my about page because it’s mentioned there, so I thought I’d take this chance to explain. The first thing to know is that I am dyslexic. Not just one of those people who thinks they are because they make spelling mistakes every so often and muddle the occasional word up. I’m the genuine article – 100% certified dyslexic. An educational psychologist says so IN WRITTING so it must be true. I have learning difficulties which is why I am SUPER insanely sensitive when someone calls me stooopid because I’m not stupid: my brain just doesn’t quite work the same as yours and I’ll have you know it can be incredibly frustrating. You see when it comes to letters numbers and punctuation a dyslexic’s brain has a lot of crossed wires and gets easily confused. I’m kind of lucky in that my perception of numbers is relatively unaffected. I can do maths. W00t! I can’t remember numbers though like telephone numbers. I mix digits up more often than not.

I have virtually no concept of punctuation at all, other than I know it’s a bunch of symbols and marks that help other people make sense of words. I can’t punctuate my own work at all and don’t tell me it’s because I’m lazy. I’ve tried on four separate occasions at four different ages to make sense of it my brain just does not comprehend. You and I have different operating systems and in this area, mine is throwing error messages and waiting for you to give up… because it makes no sense!

I muddle words and letters up all the time. Sometimes my brain works faster than I can type and you’ll end up with pieces of sentences missing even though I swear I typed them… or I’ll make one smooched together word from two different words.  The problem is that when I read this stuff back, my brain reads what it’s expecting to see not what’s actually there. So it’s very hard for me to pick up on mistakes.

Both of these things make IM conversation difficult at times for me. It’s extra hard for me to pick up on the intention behind what you’re saying because I can’t read the punctuation correctly. For example, I’m often read the word “can”. When you actually typed “can’t” which means I get myself VERY confused. Sometimes I’ll miss whole lines of the conversation out altogether as I’m trying to keep up with you. It’s day to day life. It means that a lot of simple jobs are just imposable for me as my written communication is pretty bad.

There are many other ways in which dyslexia makes my life harder than it needs to be, but back to the purpose of this post: You see, every time I write a post for this bloggy space of mine, I have to pass it to Gadget Guy so that he can translate it into English that the general population can understand and then passes it back to me so that I can post. So it goes like this:  I write my draft, I sent it usually via Skype IM to Gadget Guy, he pastes it into Word, corrects reads and generally pulls his hair out over it till it makes some kind of sense, then he pastes it back to me and I have my post. Yep it’s thanks to him that I’m here at all and I’m very very grateful, especially given the subject matter which is often TMI for the poor guy. I also love that he doesn’t change my words or edit what I have to say unless absolutely necessary. So you’re reading my pure honest thoughts and flaws he doesn’t add his own twists or personality. He’s my human spell checker and if you think it’s an easy job … just ask him or maybe I’ll send you a post or two in their original state.

Yep so I’ve been putting the sexy back into dyslexic since I was diagnosed at the age of 15. We can do anything with a little help and support from some good friends… and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Dyslexia rules k.o. !?

Ali xX

One thought on “Lost in translation.

  1. YAY for Gadget Guy! I’m happy you have someone in your life that’s able to help you like he does! I’ve been thinking that Zilla might have dyslexia. He just learned how to read, so I might be jumping the gun. But I am keeping an eye on it. Thank you for telling your story. I think you’re a very brave woman! I love ya, because of who you are!

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