Back to school.

It is done! The interview is over – now it’s a waiting game. I feel good about it though I pretty much got told I have a place but I’m going to wait to have it in writing before I actually celebrate. This represents the first step on a long road: it’s an Access to the Health Professions course I need to pass in order to make an application for the three year degree in midwifery. I am still determined to find an job and to be perfectly honest we cannot afford for me to take a year out to study, so I’m hoping to study at evening school. The college time should be two evenings a week from 6-9 so 6 hours weekly doesn’t sound too bad, right? Except that the daytime learners get a total of 16 hours per week contact time and are advised to do 2 hours self study a night. Huh? So, all in all, this course is meant to be 30 hours a week. Ouch! We cover human biology, health studies which is psychology and sociology as far as I can tell, and also information technology. Yeah I can almost hear Gadget Guy laughing at that thought. We’ll see who’s laughing when I’m all in his face with the explain this to me… heeeeelp meeeee!

The college is actually a lot more central in Liverpool than I first thought which is great for a dyslexic with a poor sense of direction and terrible time keeping.  Uh huh. There’s a chance I can find this place again on my own. Awsome! However, the building has the most awful flooring. Let me explain: I am kind of sensitive to certain colors and shades. Some can help me.  Printing text on pink or blue paper for example helps me read because it’s easier on my eyes that the contrast of black ink on white paper.  Orange is an awful color for me, be it on walls or floors. Orange, all shades of it, irritate my eyes I find it almost very hard to concentrate, so when I find out that the college is floored throughout with bright orange lyno, that’s not a good thing and it’s not just because the color is so bright I feel like I need sunglasses. Talking of dyslexia, I was totally thrilled that the college already had me fill out the educational support paperwork. I’m going to be reassessed for dyslexia because I will need more up to date proof for my university application next year. I’m SO THRILLED that the college will do this for me, I can’t tell you (I think I just saved at least £150 yay!). I am able to access extra support to help me learn: getting lecture notes in advance for example or permission to record lectures so i can replay them later. I tend to get extra time in exams (typically25 % extra) and I’ll be allowed to have someone proof read my work and add punctuation. Of course they are NOT allowed to alter my work.  The extra support I have gotten in education has been amazing and has enabled me to continue studying up to degree level something that would otherwise have been impossible Actually the new college is more aware of the support required than any I have studied at so far and even has posters of other famous dyslexics on the walls. I never new Liv Tyler was in this club but apparently its true… so says the poster by the elevator.

What else did I learn at this interview? Well, Number 1: midwifery is the most competitive degree course to secure a place on in the whole country, right up there with law and medicine.  This is going to be sooo tough I need to get some more relevant voluntary work ASAP and that’s not all: I need to pass EVERY single module on the access course no margin for error. YIKES. This is made even worse when the teacher tells us that on the evening course they will not have time to cover everything in class because we have on average 3.4 weeks per module so the majority will be self study (f*ck!) Mrs. teacher says the course is so fast that it’s really for people who have no other option, who physically are incapable of studying on the day option. She even went so far as to say she herself wouldn’t take this route – its too fast for her. WOW.  Feeling a bit scared now. By the time she tells me that students must have 90% attendance or they will lose any university place they have been offered, I’m wondering if I should just walk away now.

I have a lot of changes to make in this next year to reach my goal, that’s for sure, but I feel like I just took the first step!

Ali xX

2 thoughts on “Back to school.

  1. Please don’t walk away! I believe you can do this! I believe in YOU. I know you are a strong, smart and determined woman. I’m in your corner, hon. And I’m cheering you on! Go Ali, get your degreeeeeeee!!!!

  2. You can do it Ali! We will all be here cheering you on. And, while I’ve never been through that course of study, I was a paramedic so you can pick my brain on medical questions if you need to.

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