Maternity matters. (Ultrasound picture shared)

I'm In !

It’s time for a news update. A few things are in the works at the moment that I’m so totally excited about. I could jump up and down squealing about it. Feels like I’m right on the edge of some really cool things happening for me and I’m just hoping this all works out how I intend. The picture you see above is the acceptance slip for my Access to Health Professions course. I had to check the YESSS I wanna do this box and send it back, which I did. I’m now officially committed to making a serious attempt to get into midwifery training and that both scares and excites me beyond belief.  I’m starting a long journey and I officially have my college place in writing so now I can celebrate the first step. w00t!! Bring on September when my first day in college will be.

I’ve actually bought my first Midwifery textbook. Yeah, a bit keen I know BUT I just wanted something to read. It’s kind of funny when I took the book to the counter at our local Borders the guy serving me actually asked me if I was a midwife already. When I told him I was just a super keen wannabe he revealed that his wife is in her final year of training and that the hours are looong and most people have dropped out already. (Ouch!). Then he gave me money off my book. SWEET! I saved like £10 off the Amazon price and, well, I’m taking it as a sign that I’m meant to do this… just because I could use a few of those signs right now.

I’ve made progress in the volunteer department, too. I  have dates for a two week work placement at the Liverpool Women’s Hospital. That’s two weeks, 9 till 5. I’m so sooo excited by this opportunity because judging by the information I have this type of placement is really hard to come by in most parts of the country. At this point, I feel lucky. I’m playing the waiting game again as their HR department need to get in touch with me to arrange the specific details. I also might be able to volunteer with them for 4 hours a week on an ongoing basis BUT the volunteer coordinator just went on maternity leave, so I have to wait for that too. I’ll be getting in touch with the person taking over her duties at the beginning of August.

I’ve also made contact with the local branch of the NCT (National Childbirth Trust). This fantastic charity is run by volunteers and provides care for parents to be. They train anti-natal class leaders and provide breast feeding support and advice and well as breast pump rental services for parents (among other things) and I’m so excited to help their work in any way I can. Of course it will also be good experience for my application, but I hope I can be associated with the charity in the future too. I met with the group of volunteers last night at a local pub and although I’m not that confident that I made a good impression. The ladies were so kind and welcoming.  I’ve been offered a ton of exciting possibilities I’m not even going to list them here but I’m sooooo hoping I can get a few things set up in the next few weeks and I’m also looking forward to their Clothes Swap Evening at the a nearby cricket club!

I’m excited by all of this… uh huh… but tonight something happened that made me feel so honored that my brain just stalled and it took me a second or two to reactivate it. I just didn’t really know what to say tonight. My friend actually asked me to be there at the birth of her baby (due October 30th).WOW.  Just WOW.  A bunch of words come to mind here. I feel so honored, privileged, trusted and cared about. I never expected it. Here is the picture of the little lady (uh huh I have permission to share it):

Baby Girl !

Baby Girl !

I  hope that she asked me because she wants me there believing I can be a help and support for her and not because she knows about my midwifery dreams. Birth is a very personal event and I really hope she doesn’t feel any pressure to invite me into this moment in her life.  I hope she knows how special she made me feel that she considered me and that she can change her mind at any point.

Exciting times.

Ali xX

4 thoughts on “Maternity matters. (Ultrasound picture shared)

  1. WOW! Look at you GO! You should be very proud of yourself! I think the discount on the book IS a good sing! It’s a great thing that your friend asked you to be there for her daughter’s birth. It’s a very beautiful honor, Congrats!

  2. Good on you! Don’t be too scared about the drop out rates. From my course only 10% graduated – that is 3 people. Most didn’t drop out because the course was so hard, although it isn’t easy by any means, but for other personal reasons.

    You can do it and you will be a brilliant midwife.

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