Falling behind.

I’m falling behind with my posting. The trouble is I have like a billion things I want to write about but for some reason the posts are just not coming together. Kayak Man got some great news the other day: the confirmation of his degree classification finally came through in writing and it puts him a grade higher than he was originally told. YAAAY. A very happy KM over here. So looking forward to his graduation, which should be some time next month.

I’ve missed 2 appointments with my dentist now – the first one because I was throwing up and so had to rearrange, and yesterday I got to the office for my 9.30 appointment having only had 1 and half hours sleep.  An hour later and I’m still waiting. You know something is wrong when you go to the reception desk and the nurse says “ohhh didn’t anyone come to talk to you?”  Ummm… no. Turns out my dentist’s previous patient had some type of medical emergency and passed out. Even though the patient was fine (phew), the dentist was now stuck filling out a mountain of paperwork that is required after such things and so I was given a new appointment 3 weeks from now!!

I’m spending a lot of time lost in my midwifery textbook. It’s fascinating but a slow read. So much information in those pages. I’m getting to the point now where I am feeling the need to acquire a dictionary of midwifery just so I can decipher some of these technical words. Sooo many long and complicated words to get my head around. Even though I’m getting used to seeing them written, I still have very little clue how you actually pronounce these things… but learning is so much fun! Still in the area of my midwifery aspirations I have finally finished my paperwork for volunteering at my local hospital and I have the interview tomorrow morning. Fingers crossed all goes well because I really need to get some actual experience before submitting my application. I have a lot of things lined up so I feel ok about it, but I would feel a whole lot better with some hours under my belt, that’s for sure. I’m getting a little nervous because without this stuff coming together I’ll be wasting a whole lot of money and time. Sometimes I’m so nervous about the whole thing it makes me feel sick. That’s what happens to me when I want something really bad but for some unknown reason my head has a hard time believing I’m worth it.  In fact, I had a major wobble about this a week or so ago. I just hate the idea of wasting other people’s time. Fortunately Gadget Guy was on hand to tell me how stupid I was being. Actually he’s a little smarter than that because somehow he never actually says I’m being stooped; he just talks me through stuff till I’m telling myself off for being stooped. It’s a pretty cool skill and I think it has something to do with all that life experience he has … not that I’m calling him old. He reads this ya know. (Edit:… hi… Gadget Guy here… you have NO IDEA HOW MUCH I have to read what Ali writes 😛 )

Ooo one final thing: Thanks y’all for the ideas and advice on my previous post. Some really cool ideas there.  I’m sure I’ll figure it out eventually. Right now eloping sounds fantastic but I think I’m just craving a holiday. It’s probably all the baseball I’ve been watching this week. I live too far from sunshine and ballparks lol

Now kick my ass so that I write some of those posts… Soon !

Ali xX

3 thoughts on “Falling behind.

  1. Medical dictionaries are awesome although very expensive. Maybe check eBay or somewhere? I still have mine – Mosby Dictionary Of Medicine but the online ones like MedicineNet are a lot more practical. 🙂

    Also if you search youtube for Midwife there are heaps of great videos you can learn from. And sites like Midwifery Today and the ones hosted by the different midwifery associations and colleges have lots of really good up to date reading material and resources for free.

    I wouldn’t worry about being nervous. What you’re doing is huge and scary, but you will learn a lot and have great experiences which will make you more and more confident. You should give yourself credit for having a go and taking on such a huge task.

  2. I’m so glad you have so many wonderful people in your life to remind you that you ARE worth everything. You’re doing great, keep up the good work!
    Way to go KM on your grade.

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