Hot hot hot.

I am not coping well with the heat at all.  We have had a few really wonderful days that you could actually classify as summer and by God it’s killing me. It all started with the crazy amount of sunburn that turned my neck and arms the most embarrassing shade of “Brit on holiday lobster red” when we were at the beach all because someone was too busy making sure KM actually wore a hat so that he didn’t get the sun on his… aherm… less that well covered pale skinned scalp and therefore avoided sun stroke and a few days of lying on the sofa in a “man who’s sick and wanting sympathy daze”. Success in this area for the first time since I have known the guy (8 years now). He actually went out in the sunshine all day without keeling over from heat stroke or puking his guts up at the end of it. Do I hear a “woot woot”? I think so! Only in this process of nagging, bribing, cajoling, bla bla muggings here forgot her own sun cream. D’oh! Now my bra straps are reminding me of my stoopidity every time I move. It stings it burns uugh!  I feel a fool and KM has far too much “that will teach you to stop nagging” ammunition.

On a short walk into a local village today to run some errands, the air was so close and sticky. I’m really struggling to breathe. Now don’t get me wrong: I’m unfit. I know it, but this was worse than usual. I actually thought I was going to pass out a couple of times on the way back. I was hit with horrid horrid pelvic pain. So much so, that KM is pushing me into a local pub just so I can sit down. This walk usually takes me about 20 minutes and here I am dying in the local bar. It’s not period pain, I know that much.  It doesn’t feel the same but dam hurts and always suddenly takes me by surprise. Very puzzling. Let’s step back from how melodramatic this sounds for a second and tell you that it did, in fact, pass after about ten minutes. Then I was walking the rest of the way home like nothing happened. I’m totally fine today. In fact, if I didn’t know better, I would say I imagined it.

Sleep is hard for me at the best of times, but in this overheated exhausted frustrated mess I can tell you I am no fun to be around. Tossing and turning like a mad woman just trying to find some way to be somewhat comfortable so I can catch up on the sleep I so desperately needed. And this leads me to another pondering. You see, I am prone to dreaming and usually I remember such things, be they harmless stupid things or full out nightmarish style flashbacks, but I have noticed this trend recently that when I can’t sleep because of the heat for some reason the dreams seem to get a lot more off the wall screwed up. Yesterday is a prime example: I woke up from some nightmare involving Avenue Q, Michael Jackson’s Thriller and some weird alien that gave birth to *my* child but presented me with a half formed fetus… all very bizarre and quite horrifying… till I woke up, that is. Anyway, the actual dream is beside the point. I’m left wondering is there some reason that I seem to be more affected by the heat? It is less deep sleep. Or was I just exhausted and that made things worse…or am i just weird?

Anyways, it all got sorted out last night by the most wonderfully loud thunderstorm and torrential rain that passed right over our house in under an hour… but it sure cleared the air! That and, well, I love storms and always find it easier to fall asleep listening to the heavy rain and thunder. I did get my sleep in the end. I shouldn’t complain too much. It’s not like we see a lot of summer round these parts. You know what the most confusing part of it all is?  It’s not like its even THAT hot over here. I’ve been exposed to MUCH MUCH higher temperatures across the pond and never had so much trouble. It’s all very puzzling.

Ali xX

3 thoughts on “Hot hot hot.

  1. oh you lucky thing, you got a thunderstorm! We’re still sweltering here, I woudl love a good storm to clear the air. Normally I’m quite good with the heat but blob complains when it’s hot by making me tired and nauseous.

    And yes, you’re right, you really shouldn’t complain, this is probably alll the summer we’ll get this year, I wish I could go out and enjoy it.

  2. I can handle the heat just fine, but the humidity?! Oh hell NO! I get so crabby and cranky and pissy! I am not a fan of the humidity.
    I hope your sunburn gets better, hon.

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