Down Time.

Not much blogging going on around here at the moment … I am engrossed in my current read: Spiritual Midwifery, recommended to me by several current student midwives. Even though I find some of it a little new age for me, I can’t put it down. I’m contemplating the prospect of tackling the university admissions system for a second time this year and realizing that I did NOT over exaggerate how much of a hassle it was back when I was teenaged school leaver… it really is that stressful!  I feel like I’m in a bit of a quiet before the storm having a trip to Exeter coming up in the next two weeks, not to mention my induction at the hospital so I can begin volunteering, KM’s graduation, my birthday and possibly two trips to Scotland in August and another venture down south in September if all goes well. So, for the moment, relaxing… reading and sleeping 6 hours most nights suits me just fine.

Ali xX

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