Big boys ! (Children mentioned.)

Friday, KM and I were requested to report to his sister’s house for babysitting duty. Our charge was his young nephew N. He’s a cute kid and I can’t quite believe this but he’s four years old already. It was a very special day for the little guy… aherm I’m sorry… Big Boy. It was his last day of infant school and he came running in all excited having just spent a few celebratory hours at the local indoor soft play area, apparently not QUITE using all his energy. Of course we had to watch his graduation which he proudly put into the DVD player all by himself  while KM and I sat on the couch looking at each other and going HUH they have infant graduation now ….. and then he was on screen with all his classmates performing the end of year play in which he took on the crucial role of a chicken, which clearly was a very important task even though he later confessed he would much rather have been a puppy, launching KM into a whole conversation about the merits of chickens and how they really ARE very cool. The little actor getting very shy and embarrassed as his big moment arrives… apparently he’s one of those who can’t watch his own performance and prefers to spend the time hiding his face, bless him. Two things surprised me about this taping, despite the fact that it was near enough impossible to make out what any of these kids were saying. The first was when I realized that the words they were singing along to popular French tune “Frère Jacques” actually began “Buenos Dias…” and I’m just thinking these kids take Spanish now. Wow… when N points to one of the ladies dressed in her finest Spanish attire and quietly tells us that’s his Girl Friend… and my head’s swinging backwards and forwards between awww how cute… and say WHAT… you’re 4!

The play winds to its conclusion and here come the proud graduates complete with cap courtesy of craft class and a little scroll as proof of their hard work/ progression to BIG school. By this point I might add the star of the show has lost interest and is engrossed in creating a pile up of toy cars on the floor.

I love that KM gets this opportunity to be close to his nephew and it’s simply delightful to listen to the two debate the finer points of the world’s workings or negotiate the bedtime routine. Mmhumm the final conclusion was 1 viewing of “Kung Fu Panda” and a small corner of chocolate brownie in exchange for brushing teeth and going to bed without a fuss. Though the younger of the two men drives a hard bargain and got a Thomas the Tank Engine story thrown in, all I can hear from downstairs is N saying “you need to come and sit next to me. I have to see the pictures!”  which is a fair request but the image of a “larger than life” KM trying to perch on a toddler bed has me quietly chuckling downstairs.

N fell asleep while flicking through the pictures in the story book KM let him keep when he finished his rendition. He must have been all tuckered out from his big day. KM was all tuckered out, too, it seems as we were both falling asleep on his sisters oh so comfy couch by the time her key turned in the lock and she got home.

And now here for your viewing pleasure… because you know I had to: KM (who graduates himself on Wednesday)  modeling the cap.


Ali xX

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