T’was the night before …..

In case you missed it, KM graduates tomorrow!  He’s so excited about his special day. It’s cuter than a kid on Christmas Eve! Me, well, I was doing fine until I realized that the shoes I had been planning to wear with the outfit I had picked out were in fact the same shoes I threw out over 2 months ago! Oopps. Well, KM right away jumps in and tells me he wants me to wear my knee high boots and when I protest (but your mother is going!) he just grins and calmly tells me that I should because tomorrow is a day for him…  bwahaha.  The man makes me giggle and this time he is right. The day is all about him. So will I put on said boots or not??

The man of the hour is all tucked up in bed, his suit shirt and tie (purple because he lubs me) are hanging ready in the hallway. He’s trimmed his beard and I’m soooo grateful he decided against shaving it off. Conversations with his mum have taken place, cell numbers exchanged, meeting places arranged. So finally maybe we are ready to sit back and just enjoy the occasion.

KM’s university only allocates two guest tickets for each graduate. I cannot tell you how much this sucks and the crazy amounts of stress it causes when obviously both parents want to be there for the occasion… and well then there’s me.  There has been so much to-ing and frow-ing over whom the guests should be and what the third person should/would do while the actual ceremony takes place.  It’s made my head spin. When it came down to it, the issue was resolved only when KM’s father had to travel to Spain for work. TBH, while I was very happy and excited to be a witness to this right of passage that KM has been longing for since I met him, it still makes me rather sad that his father can’t take my place. After all, he is the one who has supported KM financially at least for the past 3 years. Well, the past 8 really. I’ve make a promise to myself to try and take as many pictures as I can to share when his dad gets back.

KM today has been going over all the memories I have of my graduation. He’s worried considering all the little mishaps that could happen (KM has dyspraxia which makes him more than usually clumsy). So far things that could go wrong = he’ll trip in front of all the spectators, his mortar board is going to fall off given his… aherm… lack of hair to pin it into, he’ll sit in the wrong place, get lost on the way, be late, he won’t shake the chancellor’s hand, he’ll argue with his mum, I’ll argue with his mum…

I’m a little sad that official photographs and celebratory dinners not in our budget because hell I so want to make a big fuss of him.

But I know what most important is: by this time tomorrow… he’ll be an official graduate and nothing can take that away from him.

So tomorrow… KM will have his day and I can’t sleep. I’m so excited for him!

Ali xX

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