Kayak Man BSc (Hons)

So I’ve talked about KM and his story and how proud of him I am so often  that I’m not gonna take a huge long post to say all that over again. But, I promised the man I’d share some pictures here and so I will keep my word….I present to you KM the graduate!


jon Graduation

There’s not much else to say except that apart from a little rain, the day was great despite his fears: KM was not late, did not trip/fall/forget anything/say something stupid.  He spent most of the time giggling umm sorry chuckling (guys don’t giggle) and fiddling with his robes. And just to add to an already incredibly cool day, KM received his award from the chancellor of John Moore’s University Doctor of Astronomy BRIAN MAY … yes THAT Brian May!  Who told us that he took time out from his love of astronomy to …”pursue other things” uh huh … like being the guitarist in QUEEN!  How flipping cool. Yep I was a little jealous that KM got to shake this guys hand!

Brian may

You rock KM ❤ You!

Ali xX

P.S. I wore the boots: P

One thought on “Kayak Man BSc (Hons)

  1. I think my Reader is having a bad day! It told me you updated your blog and hour ago, but your blog says you wrote this on July 23rd. So confused!

    Congrats to KM! Great pictures. YAY you’re a graduate!!!

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