Oh Bother !

Soooo I owe everyone a big apology because I am stooopid and a little slow on the uptake. Let me explain: I absolutely love the idea behind IComLeaveWe. It totally rawks and I have discovered many a wonderful blog while making my monthly travels around the parts of the bloggy world that appear on Mel’s list, so of course I ran to sign up again for the month of July like an over eager teachers pet – Me me ooohh can I play please!?…  in the excitement, totally forgetting that I would be away most of the critical week in July with very little access to the internet. Ummm yeah. D’oh.  See I’m an ijit! I’m sooo sorry to all of you that did drop by and leave me a little note to let me know you were here. Please forgive me. I’ll be making my return visits over the next few days.

I say next few days because when I finally returned from my trip (that’s a story in itself ) I came home to find KM rolling around on the couch moaning “I’m sick .. I’m sick .. Ali I’m siiiiiiickkk I’m going to die!”  Uh huh, so I grant him that catching a cold in the middle of summer SUCKS, but I don’t think its gonna kill him. Unless of course it turns out to be the dreaded Swine Flu and then oh I’ll feel silly. Of course KM loves to share, so now I’m all squeaky voiced “cold in my ed an my dose”  and my sinuses are so stuffed up it feels like someone hit my face with a frying pan (nice !). Well at least now we can grumble together. Helpfully, the national news papers over here are carrying a daily reminder of the Swine Flu symptoms and by gawd we have the pandemic helpline number at the ready JUST IN CASE. Nothing like a bit of melodramatics to keep life interesting… uuggh!

Oh oh so I was a really organized person while I was away too and took notes about all the things I wanted to write about  and expand into posts, so I’ll also be filling those in as soon as… well, that motivation thing  shows up. I have to remind myself because notes are all fancy and make me feel like an over achiever but they ain’t worth nothing if I don’t actually WRITE THE POSTS!

Ali xX

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