Lets Party !

Birthday cake

65 years ago, in a hotel in Aberdeenshire, a young famer’s son married the lady in his life despite his father’s disapproval on the grounds that at 19 he was too young to marry and she was an older woman (older by one year… Shocking). I wish I could share the picture with you but sadly I don’t have a copy. It was a war time wedding. Apparently, the vicar came right over to the hotel from a previous wedding that day and while the attire may not have been as fancy as modern day brides were used to, boy oh boy did they make up for that with a huge abundance of flowers. I’ve always wished that I could have seen that image in color because these flowers must have looked amazing and yet the sepia tones give the picture a kind of charm. Whenever I look at it I always find my mind wandering and wishing I could jump back in time to witness this day, to see a snapshot of these people  before I knew them and find out just what they were like at this significant date in their lives. I bet I’d come across a few surprises. I always compare the shot with another – a picture taken 5 years ago as they celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary. It’s taken in the garden of their home – the pair are surrounded by growing flowers this time and three generations of family side by side holding very special anniversary card: Queen Elizabeth – Her face smiles on the front of it (mmhmmm she signed it too).

Today the couple are again receiving a congratulations message from a monarch who wasn’t on the throne at the time they were married (this blows my mind the concept that Queen Elizabeth hasn’t and won’t be around FOREVER … and EVER… and EVER). I hope they are having a wonderful day and really I’m rather sad I wasn’t able to be there with them. If only I could be so lucky. I wonder what the image of my life will look like 65 years from now… I say lucky but really I think that’s the wrong word.  Maybe blessed is better because I don’t believe any relationship lasts like this one has on luck alone. No way. Truthfully, it amazes me. They should get a flippin’ medal from the Queen as well as that card, I’m telling you. I can’t say congratulations enough  because… well because I’m in awe.

How do I know all this, and why am I telling you? Because 27 years ago a little girl made her entrance into the world 6 weeks early just so she could be there for their special day. Elizabeth and Alexander got another Granddaughter and her name was Alison. Ohh yeah, I just HAVE  to make an entrance! I love that we all get to celebrate. Even if I can’t be with them I always feel connected to them a little more on the 5th of August.

I, myself, had a really great day… which I am so happy to be able to type given that my mum and little brother joined us for lunch and her visits always make me nervous. That and it took a lot of convincing for KM to go with me. We didn’t fight. There was no yelling or disagreement,  despite the fact that my mother loudly pointed out the bags under my eyes at the dinner table THREE times and kept asking me if I was sleeping. It’s really a silly question to ask someone who’s been an insomniac since she was 15.  No I’m not sleeping and the bags under my eyes should be your first clue. Your second being that my nose is so stuffed up from a cold I can hardly breathe but whatever… it’s not worth fighting over. (Apparently I’m more mature at 27… ha ha) It was a wonderful sunny day, which has been rare over here this year and all in all it was a good time!  We might even be going to return the favor and visit them for my brother’s birthday in October.  Yes, that’s WE.  Me and KM … now internets this is PROGRESS.

I love progress!

Town crier

Birthday girl & Chester's Town Crier

Ali xX

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