Delays and Frustrations.

So I should be writing today to tell you all about my occupational health appointment at the hospital which should be the final step in the process before I can start volunteering at the hospital,  having already had to rearrange this appointment once as the first slot I was given was when I was away down in Exeter.  I’m soooooo nervous about this because not only do I need to get the ok to volunteer,  its the same health check I will need to pass to be able to take up a place on the midwifery degree should I be lucky enough to be granted one.  How much would it suck to get to the final hurdle and be denied on health grounds…..?

Like all the volunteers, I was given a health questionnaire.  You know, one of those answer yes or no: if you check yes explain yourself. Suffice to say I had about five or six checks in the yes column and a lot of “further details” so I pretty much knew I was going to get called in for an appointment and I just want to get it over already.

Sadly, that was not to be.  I got a call yesterday they spoke to KM to let me know that the department was moving offices and I would need to call and rearrange my appointment which seems a little short notice to me as the appointment was only made about a week ago. I would have thought they might have known about the planned move but maybe not. To be honest I was getting a little nervous about showing up to the check full of a cold amidst all the concerns people have about Swine Flu around here, so I’d say the postponement worked in my favor.

Still, I can’t help feeling a tad frustrated that I started trying to get relevant voluntary experience back in April and now here we are in August and so far I have nothing that  has given me a glimpse of my intended career or will support my application, It’s starting to really worry me :S

I’m hoping I can get the appointment rearranged soon and praying I will be given the all clear.

Ali xX

3 thoughts on “Delays and Frustrations.

  1. Try not to stress – it’s largely just the joys of bureaucracy and large and unwieldy organisations with lots of paper work to do that they haven’t been able to get anything sorted for you yet…. One of the major things I’ve learned at work is that stuff that in theory should take only half an hour to turn around or actually DO ends up waiting weeks just to find time to fit it in, or for the right person to be around to ok it, or to remember to put things in envelopes and post…. Oh, and the fact that 8 hours can evaporate SOO quickly when you’re at work, it’s unreal how long you can spend at work and have done only the tiniest fraction of all the stuff that needs to be done. It’s not malicious, or a bad omen, just slow workings.
    Don’t worry about what you’ve put on the form, they’ll just want some more information and to talk about how much you CAN do. Which’ll be nearly everything, right? Good luck – and be patient!!

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