If at first you don’t suceed…

Third time lucky! I have finally had my occupational health check with the hospital and I’m happy to report I got the all clear. It was far less intimidating than I thought it might be, in fact. The department is tiny and staffed by a handful of very friendly nurses and doctors. It was explained to me that they had to call me in due to the amount of further information I had added on their health questionnaire, but that it shouldn’t be a problem because I had disclosed everything. After talking it all over, it was decided that while these things are a pain in the backside for me they shouldn’t actually limit my ability to do the jobs I’ll be given as a volunteer so long as I myself keep an eye on things. And so the letter was signed and another step in this process checked off.  Now I just need to wait for the CRB check to come back. This could take a while given the number of address changes I have had but I’m not anticipating any issues. So today I feel much more confident that the volunteering thing will actually happen. YAY! I was even mature enough to have a blood sample taken without prior warning to psyche myself up for needles and the like. Uh huh… I watched. I did not freak out when the nurse told me I had a really deep vein and spent some time trying to find it.  I did not have a panic attack.  I refused her offer to let me come back and have the blood drawn later (because you knoow how long it would have taken for me to get off my butt and organize that) AND  I DID NOT PASS OUT  afterwards, even though I did feel a tad dizzy and eww … Go me!

I also received the paperwork today for another volunteer opportunity that I’m really excited about because this one offers the possibility that I’ll get some work experience actually on the maternity wards.  I have the first interview session on Monday, so I’ll be form filling again this weekend and hopefully the process will start all over again for a second hospital. At least I’ll be less nervous this time!

I finally gave in and called college to try and find out when my start date will be and ask about my special needs assessment that I thought was part of the conditions of my offer, only to be told I have been made an unconditional offer of a place so I will definitely be going to school in September. I can’t wait, now – so excited! I did also find out that there is no confirmed start date as of yet as the course leader is away on her summer vacation, but it will be sometime at the beginning of September and I’ll hear as soon as they know. Well that puts some of my plans on hold till I have the information, but at least I’m not sitting here freaking out that something has gone amiss. I now know that nobody enrolling on the course has heard and it’s not JUST me … what a relief!

All in all, things are moving along… just slowly…

Been struggling for a couple of days now with awful headaches and a little disturbed vision. In fact, I’ve been in bed resting as much as I can falling in and out of sleep and unable to focus on much. Turns out my blood pressure reading was too high today at the health check and I have to go see my GP for a follow up check. So maybe the headaches are related to that.

Yes, I’ll make sure to book the appointment… soon

Ali xX

4 thoughts on “If at first you don’t suceed…

  1. Except for the slightly elevated BP, everything sounds fabulous. And, yes, elevated BP frequently causes headaches, especially in those of us who are already prone to them.

    I am so happy that everything is moving along smoothly.

  2. Wow-good job with the blood draw-you did better than I would have. I would have had a panic attack! Sounds like everything is moving along for you, don’t forget to follow up about that high BP!

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