Pulling on my heart strings ..

A while back you might have read about my guilt at eating bunny stew after making friends with gaget guys bunnies, I’d had a bunny myself as a kid but she lived outdoors most of the time and to be honest I was the typical kid who lost interest and mum was left holding the bunny  or not in this case poppy was not up for cuddles. Anyways by now I am older and I’d like to think wiser and for a little while now we’ve been thinking of getting a pet. we’ve in a akward position because the hosue we live in belongs to Kayakman’s mother so any animals need her approval  I’ll be honest with you we’re both dog poeple but thats just not an option till we have a place of our own and possibly not even then depending on working hours ect . Around christmas last year we had decided that our only option was a tank of fish  after research and reading we decided against it i mean lets face it fish are about the leat interactive animal you could share your life with and they take more work that you would think  KM put it best when he said a fish tank is in effect a really really high maitinace ornament and we remained without an animal companion.

I’ve really enjoyed gaget guys tails of chip  and had been drawn towards perhaps considering a bunny as a possibility in the future  and then this weekend I met Fudge.. fudge lives in my adopted parents back garden and dispite being 100% an outdoor bunny  he’s possibly the cutest most intereactive bunny i’ve ever met happily hopping over to see any visitors climbing up his little fence in eger for cuddles ( or more likely to see if you brought food ) despite the rain he seemed perfectly content to sit out on the grass a very happy if soggy little guy he had me giggling the whole time I spend with him I’d not realised before just how curious and expresive bunnies can be (in there own way I guess. )  and ohhh this guy is soo soo soft  how could you not wanna give him fusses. anyways while I’m totally sold on rabbits now realiseing they would make a wonderful pet  I simply can’t have one at this moment we have no outside space for the lil guy and KM’s family is set against them in the house claiming that they will smell….that and to be honest I’m a little scared I’d pester a bunny to much with my need for CUDDLES.

Here’s my dilema ..KM’s sister has a kitten that needs rehomed and we’ve been asked if we would take him .. much excitement as we HAVE wanted a pet for a long while now and the man really wants to give this needy kitten a home  but heres me thinking  in all honesty I’d rather hold out till our situation improves and we can give a home to bunny / puppy which is what we REALLY would like.  It’s not that I don’t like cats I do I’ve had several before and always enjoyed them but I’d kinda got to that point where .. well I guess I hadn’t planned on another kitten.

That and then the family politics on top KM’s sister is not happy we would be allowed the kitten she has to give up..slightly childish in my view given the menagery that currently lives with her in her  rented home   but  I’m trying HARD  not to say anything .. and NOT to get envolved. I worry that us taking on the kitten against her wishes is storing up problems for later when she eventually finds out ….

BUT…when I try to bring all this up  KM points out that I’ve wanted a pet for ages..and that the kitten needs a home  and then he looks at me with theses puppy dog eyes… uugh how does he do that …..

Its looks like we’re preparing for a family storm and a new arrival ..

Ali xX

2 thoughts on “Pulling on my heart strings ..

  1. Awwwww a bunny, a kitty AND a puppy! You’re just full of cuddly cute images today(yesterday)! Getting the kitten sounds like fun and if it causes someone to act like a bratty teenager, then that SUCKS! The kitten needs a home. That’s all that matters. I hope you guys can get it. I love cats!

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