Going Local

I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned this before, but a few months ago KM became a committee member for the Wirral Farmers Market near where we live. The market is run by volunteers and takes place in a village hall on the second Saturday of every month with all the proceeds going to support local charity.  Now at the time, I’ll be honest the man was just looking for something to do and possibly something to put on his CV. But it suits him down to the ground. KM, despite his über macho manly thing he has going on, is actually a surprisingly talented manager/people person  I know I’ve worked with…  well technically I’ve worked for him in the past. Ahh college days… Recently KM has become more and more concerned with the food he eats and where it actually comes from, wanting to support local producers as much as possible and I can’t deny its a noble cause as a bit of a turn around going from the guy who thought “vegetable” was a dirty word .To the man who has filled our back yard with pots and now growing his own.

This weekend was the Fourth annual Wirral Food show brining together local producers to showcase their wares over the Bank Holiday weekend. Many demonstrations from local chefs, some live music and entertainment for kids and grown ups alike. Of course we had to go. Well KM did – he had Farmer’s Market promotion duty and well, I decided to tag along for the two days as an extra pair of leaflet handing hands and because well it’s better than sitting at home alone all day feeling bored or miserable.  Let me just take a second here to point out  I was in a large and overwhelming crowd for hours  giving out leaflets to perfect strangers because I actually wanted to without a panic attack in sight,  just so I remember how far I’ve come.

Anyways, back to the festival. It was totally awesome. I picked up a ton of recipe cards to hopefully give me a shove back into the kitchen. I feasted on free samples of some of the best oils /puddings/cheese/cider I have ever tasted and we even managed to bring home a few treats. It was thrilling to discover so much good food being produced right on our doorstep and I myself was very surprised that the prices were more reasonable than if thought they would be (one of my main sticking points with KM’s food plan has been the extra cost involved). I discovered a chocolate shop I NEEED to visit in Liverpool and a local farm that deserves more investigation.  I found out how good the butcher just around the corner from me really is and was suitably impressed. I ate rose veal which is a first for me. I touched a cow, ALSO a first as they have always kind of scared me lol! I went totally gaga over the cute ducklings and a tiny Jack Russell puppy, giggled at the Morris dancers  and  ate possibly the best cheesecake I have ever had. Of course found out where I could get more  of my favorite treat…  mmmm cheesecake!  But I think the highlight for me has got to be the hog roast. Nothing… nothing beats the smell of roasting pig. Pork cooked to perfection and oh so wonderful crispy crackling. I’m licking my lips just thinking about that sandwich. Oh so tasty tasty good.

It’s been a wonderful weekend and a bit of an eye opener for me in terms of quality of food, a reminder of what enjoying and even cooking good food can be like. I think the effort to go local will be more of a joint one from now on.

And there’s still the Liverpool Food and Drink Festival to look forward to. Happy times!

And now for the pictures:

Ducklings !

Ducklings !

Me and the cow !

Me and the cow !

Ali xX

One thought on “Going Local

  1. Good for you for going out into a crowd! You HAVE come so far and I am very impressed and proud of all the hard work you have been doing to overcome your fears.

    I have read your writing when you talked about being scared and having panic attacks and just LOOK at what you’re doing now! You’re going to college, going to the dentist, petting cows, and having such a lovely time. I wish I could have as much strength as you, Ali. You are amazing and I truly mean that!

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