In the Navy !

Let’s talk for a moment about the reason we found ourselves camping in the middle of a field not too far outside Plymouth this weekend: Navy Days! Yes, the Royal Navy was having an open day at this base in Devonport (the largest Naval base in Europe so I’m told) and KM simply had to be there. Yep, I’m dating a Royal Navy fanatic. To be truthful, he’s obsessed and very much wants to sign up. In his heart of hearts, believing that severing your country is a noble and a great thing to do with your life and I can’t fault him on that logic. However, KM also loves his food and at present is not fit enough to sign on that dotted line 😦  He’s been talking about this for as long as I’ve known him and I’m all for it, but he does seem to lack the motivation to stick to his diet and exercise plan and his constant talking and very little action was getting on my nerves.

When we both saw this open day advertised in Navy News (uh huh, we do read Navy News… well he reads… I skim the thing) we were both hoping that attending would give his motivation a proverbial kick up the backside. Of course, our budget was looking better months ago when we first planned the trip and we also hadn’t figured on me going back to school. So, what was meant to be a week long summer holiday exploring Cornwall and with a couple of navy days thrown in, actually turned into a rushed weekend of camping for the sole purpose of exploring Her Majesty’s dockyards.

Now, to me, one gray battle ship looks just like the next. Well, slightly different sizes maybe… different numbers… but you know seen one ship seen them all. But KM… he’s in heaven and so this time it was my turn to suck it up and do something for my partner. Thankfully we had a couple of sunny(ish) days and KM made up for all the clambering up and down really thin steep stairways on ships by feeding me ice cream and finding perhaps the best cupcake shop I have ever been in. MR BUNS FTW.
Mr BunsNo, I didn’t really enjoy it because I find all those stairs a huge trial. I have the most appalling balance and so I end up clinging to the railing (if there is one) making really slow progress, of course holding up a queue of people behind me longer that that behind your average caravan… getting more and more flustered and feeling like a plonker in the process. I have to admit, the Commemoration of Centenary of the fleet air arm was pretty darn cool! Flying things are much more appealing to me clearly.
Sea king

Black cats

The weekend did give me a whole new respect for the British Navy, though walking through the endless corridors aboard the ships with little to no natural light and even less personal space I am sure I could not cope at sea for months at a time never mind doing such an important job at the same time. Hats off to all the serving personnel. Thank you for what you do.  It was the most wonderful people watching to spend time among servicemen and women and their families; hearing the kiddies loudly cheering every time they saw a navy flag… or a father whispering to his little boy “when daddy goes away on his ship he flies a plane just like that!” Too many oooo’s and ahhh’s from the excited child. It truly was a patriotic event that made me proud to be British and amazed by the character of so many in her armed services.


As for motivation, well, KM informs me that he has lost a stone since he last weighed himself. A STONE… cool! He also been out on his bike everyday since…and seems more determined.  Long may it last!

God bless Her Majesty’s Navy and all who sail in her!


Apparently the dates have been set for Navy Days 2010 in Portsmouth…

Ali xX

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