The cogs are turning…

I was not expecting to score 86% on my science test and be placed in the top group in college, but I’d be lying if I said it didn’t put a smile on my face. Surprises like that give you just a tiny boost of confidence that maybe I can pass this course! This week I’ve been busy revising all I need to know about atoms; what they are made of, how they join together and why we need a periodic table. Can I just tell you of all the sciences, chemistry is the one I really sucked at in school… so us starting with that feels like cleaning all the rust away in the “knows about science” part of my brain and attempting to turn it on after 10 years of being powered down and forgotten about. For a while there I don’t mind telling you the lights were flickering but nothing was happening. I was getting worried and then slowly but surely things started to fit back into place and make sense. Now I’m having such a good time learning again! It makes me feel useful and gave me back a little self confidence that yes I do have a brain and when needed I can use it pretty well!  Something which I desperately needed reminding of after almost 3 years out of work.

Now I have homework notes to write, things to read. I have purpose and ambition .

And its sooo frikkin’ cool … just saying

Ali xX

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