Road block.

Usually I love to receive post letters, parcels, postcards… and today I thought I was doubly lucky. The two items that KM woke me up with this morning looked nothing like bills, so I ripped open the envelops with a little to much gusto and overflow of curiosity… and that’s when I knew today was one of those days.  Uuugh bite me Saturday. I mean, I expect this kind of behavior out of Monday but on a weekend for real?

I will receive no financial help with my tuition fees for college despite being on a very low income because I already hold a higher qualification (BA in Drama and English and clearly not going to help me chase this midwifery dream).  There is nothing they can do for me. So what were a few hundered pounds that I was struggling to find is now a full wack bill for around a grand and I am – to put it politely – screwed.

There is no way I can find that type of money before the enrollment deadline in mid October. No way. I need to call on Monday and find out how much exactly I owe. I need to figure out if there are any payment by installment options. The thing I dread most of all: I may have to go cap in hand to my mother and ask for help, which at 27 is embarrassing and makes me feel pretty worthless and I do believe I would feel that way even if I was close to her which I’m not. I don’t hold out much hope that the humiliation will keep me in college but at this point I’m grasping at straws anyway so what the hell. Keep your fingers crossed for me.  By the end of the week I’ll either be out of college or utterly flat broke for the rest of the year :S

And then we come to the second item: a letter from the Women’s Hospital where I am trying to volunteer to say that they have not received the required references yet they were requested back on the 19 of August and I have already chased both of them more than once. I have till the 16th to get the references back or the hospital will close my application to volunteer. So, of course, I got right on the phone to find out exactly what was needed from me  only to realize after leaving an answer phone message that today is Saturday and the office is closed.. Cue me feeling stupid.

Volunteering is an entry requirement for my university choices and without it… well I may as well give up on finding those fees.  There’s a good chance I’ll be financially crippled for a year only to fail to gain a place. I have got to make my application as strong as I can.  It’s so incredibly frustrating that I have done everything required of me and it looks like I’m going to fall at the last hurdle. It’s go big or go home time for me.

I feel like things have fallen apart today, my hands are tied till Monday …

Can you say Stress!?

Ali xX

2 thoughts on “Road block.

  1. GEEZ! That’s no good! I know the feeling of having your hands tied, though. Mine have been tied for two months. It feels as though, I’m running around in circles asking questions, not getting answers because I didn’t ask the question properly. It’s VERY frustrating!

    I’ll be praying that something gives for you, love. You’re doing so well and it would be a shame that money could put a stop to all your progress. Sending you SO much good JUJU!

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