So .. THIS is football ?

Yankees Win!!!  Baseball is totally my sport and the day that my team clinches the AL East Division Championship, I am one happy lady. Bring on October baseball I can not wait!

But I have a confession to make: as Mariano Rivera was inducing the final out that lead to a series win – a sweep over the Red Sox and a division title – I wasn’t even watching because I was far too busy trying to wrap my head around quarters, downs, penalties, field goals and wide receivers… whatever they are. Yes I am trying to understand the game you guys across the pound call football.  So, as my baseball boys were pouring champagne,  I was watching the NFL battle between the Chicago Bears and a team from Seattle that I believe are called the Seahawks.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I just enjoy listening to American commentary on sport.  I don’t know if is the accents, the enthusiasm or what, but I’m entertained even when I have in all honesty no clue whatsoever whats happening and if is good or bad for the team I’ve randomly decided to root for. Today, that was the Bears because, well, I’ve seen Soldier Field, bizarre building that it is. I’ve been in a car watching the vast numbers of people making their way to a preseason game in the rain. And, well, honestly… it came down to the fact that I prefer the orange and white of those Bears to the team who’s alternate jersey was so bright lime green that I was reaching for my shades. No no no… I am not disrespecting the Seahawks. OK before you go and get all mad at me internets, remember I have NO knowledge of this game, its rules or the teams. It’s not like I have allegiances. I just find sport holds my attention more if I can find a way to care about the outcome of the game, ok? That being said, my initial reasons to root for the Yankees were equally … random… so you never know.

Let’s talk about color for a second. NFL football is so colorful and apparently they actually wax those helmets to get them so shinny, you know! The game looks great. the crowd looks great. People really go all out for this sport. So much fanfare, passion and pageantry; it’s thrilling.  This over the top fun may be a reason for some Brits to be put off and I have to admit to finding the whole thing bordering on silly, but it draws me in because it’s utterly American and looks like one hell of a party. Did I mention the NOISE? Those crowds are bigger, louder than anything I’ve ever seen.  It’s mind blowing.

So, some observations:

This game will be a lot more enthralling once I actually can remember/understand the rules and follow the play, but I really enjoyed it and that makes me want to learn more.

These guys are HUGE. No, I mean HAAYOGE. Check out those guns, ladies. Yeah they kind of scare me a lil bit.

Anyone… aherm KM… who thinks that this game is just a pussy’s version of rugby… HAVE you seen it? It’s brutal. More than once I was all OOO OUCH… AIIIII … OW OW OWWW and hiding behind my hands while watching these gargantuan men take each other to the deck by any means necessary. Brutal, I tell you. BRUTAL.

There isn’t really a game over here in the UK that has this type of format with separate offense and defense sides of one team. It’s so strategic, it really is like a general and his troops fighting a battle. But I find that the game has a lot of stoppage time.  It kind of disrupts the flow of the things. I could see why this would irritate especially since I don’t yet understand the need for all this stopping and whistle blowing.

I never knew before how much I could enjoy watching guys slam/smash into each other HARD. RAAAWR … mmhumm turns me on a little bit and THAT is why I may have been hiding my face but I was always peeking through my fingers 😛

There appears to be less scratching, spitting, rearranging the furniture on camera with this game, but the gap is clearly filled by all the shots of football player asses in tight lycra. I seem to spend a lot of time looking at guy’s backsides whether I want to or not. Is this normal?

Gotta say a thank you here to Gadget Guy.  He was incredibly understanding, answering all the bazzillions of questions during the game. I know nothing and I want to know EVERYTHING and I understand how irritating it is when you’re trying to watch a game, to have this nagging female voice in your ear who just doesn’t get it. He’s a patient man.

The Bears won.  25-19 YAY!

… There’s a game next week right!???

Ali xX

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